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ideas para usar enchufes inteligentes

What are smart plugs for? We leave you 4 ideas!

Smart plugs will allow you to control the devices you have connected, such as a router, a thermostat or a lamp, wherever you are thanks to Wi-Fi technology. Not only that, but they can also help you significantly reduce energy expenditure at home.

In this article we explain what a smart plug with wifi and we offer you several ideas so that you can get the most out of these smart devices for home.

What are smart plugs or WiFi?

Smart plugs are that range of products that allow the connection of devices to the electrical network and, in addition, control remotely , through a Wi-Fi network, aspects such as turning it on, turning it off or programming.

In other words, it is a plug to which a wireless connection has been incorporated that allows it to be controlled remotely, generally from a mobile application.

But its functions do not only stop here, some models can also offer added possibilities, such as the voice control or know in detail what your electrical consumption .

Their appearance is practically the same as any other plug, except that they are usually a little more voluminous and incorporate an on and off button.

In fact, there are also other types like this smart plug with built-in wifi west smart plug with multi-outlet wifi .

They are, therefore, a clear representative of home automation and the uses of a WiFi plug go beyond the simplicity of turning them off and on, something already very useful, without having to be at home . Everything, furthermore, allowing you to save unnecessary energy costs by optimizing the consumption of the devices that are connected.

What is a smart plug for?

A WiFi plug allows multiple uses that make the home more comfortable while saving money. In a very summary way, it could be said that they give the user much more control over when, how and what is done with a connection to the electrical grid.

From turning on a stove before getting home to programming a power strip according to regular schedules, the uses for smart plugs cover an infinite number of possibilities that can be adapted to the rhythm of daily activities.

Along those lines, with this article we show you 4 ideas to make the most of Wi-Fi plugs that will show how these devices are a great ally of your home and your pocket.

Ideas and uses of smart plugs

1. Control the on and off without being at home

It is the most obvious of all the uses of a Wi-Fi plug, but it is still essential. Has it ever happened to you that, when you have left home, you do not remember if you have turned off, for example, the electric stove? If connected to one of these plugs, checking it is as easy as looking at the application and, if it is on, disconnect it.

This simple possibility has great advantages, such as saving unnecessary energy costs or even avoid a security problem if a device is left connected for a long time.

2. Schedule the water heater and save

Water heaters are devices that They usually have high energy consumption , so their optimization is key in the home. With a smart plug you can program the hours in which the thermos is on and prevent it from heating the water when it is not going to be used for long periods of time.

For example, it may be programmed to turn off at night when you go to sleep, then turn on again a few hours before you wake up. In the same way, if you are going to be away from home for a few days, You can leave it off and have it reconnect on a specific date and at a set time , before returning home. Or, if you prefer, you can always start it whenever you want from the application.

3. Optimize the use of power strips

If in one of these power strips with wifi There are several connected devices that are only used during a certain time of day. A smart plug helps you save on your electricity bill by scheduling its activation. For example, if you work from home and the computer, monitor, printer and speakers are connected to a power strip in the office, you can decide what time it turns on and when it turns off, avoiding the consumption of devices in 'stand by' .

This possibility fulfills the same function as the classic switch that many power strips incorporate, but with the advantage of having to program the smart plug only once, thus avoiding pressing the switch day after day.

4. Control the plug with your voice

A very striking option of these smart devices is the voice control , that is, they carry out the specified order simply by saying it. To do this, it is necessary that they synchronize with assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant .

What do we achieve with the use of these plugs in the home?

First of all, what a wifi plug provides is control , specifically, of use and, consequently, consumption. That is, the fact that you can have the possibility of interacting with the plug anywhere, just by having the smartphone operational, expands the possibilities of making more rational use .

This control also translates to the fact that these smart plugs allow their programming , which represents a potential optimization of consumption based on habits .

Finally, and as a consequence of the above, these characteristics of Wi-Fi plugs will result in lower energy expenditure and a lower electricity bill.

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