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tendencias en iluminacion

Tendencias en iluminación para 2024: Descubre las últimas novedades

Descubre las últimas novedades y tendencias en iluminación. Sostenibilidad, conectividad, personalización… Te las revelamos todas.

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domotica para personas mayores

Domótica para personas mayores: Tecnología del hogar para facilitar el día a día

Descubre con Garza las ventajas de la domótica y la tecnología para personas mayores.

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domotica en ventanas

Domótica para puertas y ventanas: Descubre sus posibilidades

Te contamos las ventajas de usar la domótica en ventanas y puertas. Descubre ideas de productos de domótica de Garza aplicados a puertas y ventanas.

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ahorra calefaccion

5 tricks to save on heating this winter

Don't you know how to save on heating? In Garza we have the answer. Write down our 5 tips to achieve energy savings on heating.

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domotica futuro

Evolution of home automation in the home, what is the future of home automation?

Do you want to know what the home automation systems of the future will be like? We analyze the evolution of home automation in recent years.
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regalos domótica

5 ideas to give home automation this Christmas

Looking for gift ideas for this Christmas? At Garza we can help you. Choose home automation gifts, a practical and original option.

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luces navidad casa

Tips to illuminate your house at Christmas

Are you looking for Christmas lights ideas at home? At Garza we offer you some tips for efficient Christmas lighting in your home.
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como ahorrar energía casa

How to save energy at home in winter?

Do you want to know the best ways to save energy this winter? At Garza we help you reduce your energy consumption in your home.

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detectores de humo

Frequently asked questions about smoke detectors

Discover how they work or where and how to install smoke detectors for greater security in your home. And protect your home with Garza!

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iluminación cocina

Tips for lighting your kitchen

Are you looking for a change in your home? Discover in this article by Garza the best lighting ideas for kitchens.
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excedentes autoconsumo

Compensation for self-consumption surpluses: Save thanks to your solar energy

Can excess solar energy be sold? At Garza we explain everything about the compensation of self-consumption surpluses.

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eficiencia energetica en el hogar

Energy efficiency at home: Principles and good practices

Do you want to reduce your electricity bill? At Garza we offer you some tips so you can learn how to improve energy efficiency at home.

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