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Control infrarrojo WiFi

WiFi infrared control: Turn your traditional devices into smart ones

Discover how to turn your devices into smart ones, thanks to the WiFi infrared control or smart infrared controldaor.
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como elegir un timbre inalambrico

What to consider when buying a wireless doorbell?

Doorbells have been part of our homes since we can remember, but even the most deep-rooted traditions are evolving.
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5 ideas para el uso de cámaras de seguridad

5 ideas for using security cameras

Learn five uses for Wi-Fi surveillance cameras to get the most out of these smart devices with this article by Garza.
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Automatizar el riego de tu jardín

Automate the irrigation of your garden: Key to home automation in your home

Learn the steps to automate your garden irrigation and make it smart with this article by Garza.
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asistentes de voz alexa y google home

Voice assistants: Home automation compatible with Alexa or Google Home

Learn about the advantages offered by the main voice assistants and the multiple uses they allow, just by asking them.

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preinstalación domótica para el hogar

Home automation pre-installation: Why keep it in mind?

In this article we explain what a home automation pre-installation is and its advantages when it comes to including technological solutions in the home.

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como funciona un interruptor inteligente

How does a smart switch work?

Smart switches are revolutionizing home automation. Discover what a smart switch is, how it works and its many advantages.

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Cómo la tecnología puede cambiar nuestros hogares en un futuro.

How technology can change our homes in the future.

Technology is transforming homes around the world, although smart devices are still far from perfect.

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Este otoño disfruta de las facilidades de tu hogar inteligente

This fall enjoy the facilities of your smart home

With the arrival of autumn, we spend more and more days at home and all we need is a blanket and a movie or series. But what would happen if that pack came with facilities?
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Cómo utilizar productos de domótica sin morir en el intento

How to use home automation products without dying trying

We are all a little afraid of technology and, even more so, home automation. The problem comes when technological changes overtake us to the left.

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