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Tipos de cámaras de vigilancia

Types of surveillance cameras

Whether you decide to install wired or wireless cameras, the home automation security systems They will guarantee the security of your home or business. At the same time, they will allow you to monitor your property from anywhere, watch a live broadcast on your smartphone or computer and receive immediate alerts of any unusual activity.

Peace of mind is one of the main advantages that surveillance cameras give you, deterrence is another of them.

In this article we have gathered the main types of surveillance cameras to help you make the best decision. Do you want to know what they are?

Types of surveillance cameras according to room

Indoor security cameras

Indoor security cameras are located protected from the elements of the environment and the outside climate, since they are used to monitor rooms, rooms, offices or premises. Plus, they offer you an extra layer of security when you're away.

The moment they detect motion, you will be able to See what's happening from anywhere with your smartphone . On the other hand, it can serve other purposes, such as watch your pets when you are away from home and even calm them down with your voice from your mobile app.

Outdoor security cameras

Outdoor security cameras, as their name suggests, are located outdoors. For this reason, they are built with very high quality and durability standards.

Outdoor security cameras are able to withstand elements and weather conditions such as rain, humidity, snow, extreme heat and cold, and even wind. They are also usually impact resistant as well as dust proof.

Outdoor surveillance cameras have proven to be one of the most effective security measures. Since it not only fulfills a deterrent function of criminal activity, but also monitor access and perimeter of the area.

Types of surveillance cameras according to their power source

Wired security cameras

These are surveillance cameras connected to a power source and the Internet via a cable.

Security cameras connected by cable They receive electrical energy through a network cable . This power can come directly from a wall outlet or the power can be sent through cable that connects to an Ethernet network.

The main advantage of wired cameras is that the power supply is very reliable, since the signal is not cut or interrupted while the cable is in place. In this regard, wired security camera systems They work great in multi-camera installations , many rooms, as well as outdoors since the signal will not be hindered by walls.

Battery powered security cameras

The battery operated wifi security cameras are completely wireless . Which means they don't need any power cord and can be placed anywhere that is desired.

Additionally, when using Wi-Fi, you are connected to the Internet , which means you can manage them from an application and they allow you to be aware of what is happening at all times.

Security cameras with battery and solar panel

Security cameras with battery and solar panel are becoming more and more popular and ecological , since they can be used in situations where there is no electricity using the energy that comes from the sun.

Another advantage that makes them very interesting is that a surveillance camera with solar panel has Wi-Fi and high definition , which means that you can connect from your mobile phone to stay up to date with what is happening on your property with a single click.

Types of surveillance cameras according to their functionalities

Security cameras with night vision

Night vision cameras detect invisible infrared wavelengths, allowing them to see in the dark.

Security cameras with night vision They use infrared light to illuminate images and obtain images in the dark , because although we cannot see it, infrared light is actually all around us.

Zoom security cameras

Surveillance plays a fundamental role in the security of companies, shopping centers and homes.

The cameras of zoom surveillance allow us to obtain a more detailed view , as well as a wider angle about any signs of trouble that may arise. Which is a great advantage in terms of security.

However, the ability of a zoom surveillance camera to perceive fine details such as faces and license plates at a distance , largely depends on the angle of the lens.

Security cameras with panoramic vision

One panoramic security camera can do the same job of three or even more cameras.

Panoramic security cameras offer a full viewing angle . In fact, when placed on the ceiling they are able to reproduce 360° images .

Are you looking for a surveillance camera with all functionalities and security guarantees? Take a look at our smart surveillance cameras .