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Controlador Smart Ibiza - Aire Acondicionado
Ibiza Controlador Smart de Aire Acondicionado
Controlador Smart Ibiza - Aire Acondicionado
Ibiza Controlador Smart de Aire Acondicionado

Smart Ibiza Controller - Air Conditioning



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  • Compact and Elegant Design: With dimensions of 70x70x18.5mm and a minimalist white design, this device is discreet and integrates perfectly into any interior decoration.
  • Even easier control from your mobile: With the Garza Smart app you don't need to press a button several times to raise or lower the temperature, you can choose the desired temperature or ask Alexa or Google home to "set the air to 15º" directly. In addition, you can program the temperature of your air based on the time and the temperature or humidity of the room, set the timer for up to 24 hours and control the consumption history of the last 7 days.
  • Replicate any infrared remote control: By pressing a single button on your remote control, pointing it towards the Ibiza, it will replicate the remote control on your mobile. The only one on the market that replicates penguin IR remote controls or portable air conditioners. Detects up to 8 meters in a horizontal direction and 10 meters in the opposite direction to the device, providing wide coverage to control your air conditioning.
  • Measurement Accuracy: The device offers impressive accuracy in measuring temperature and humidity, with an accuracy of ±0.3°C and ±3%RH respectively in the application.
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption: The device consumes very little power, both in operation and standby, which contributes to a more energy efficient home.
  • Bluetooth functionality: The device comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.2, which adds an additional layer of connectivity and potentially opens the door to future integrations with other smart devices.
  • Customizable Control: With the infrared learning function, you can customize the control of your air conditioner to suit your needs and preferences. Added to this is the possibility of controlling the brightness of the screen, and support for the temperature and humidity alarm.

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