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5 tipos de perfiles tecnológicos, ¿cuál es el tuyo?

5 types of technological profiles, which is yours?

Since technology burst into our lives, many of us cannot lift our heads from the device. Mobile phone, computer, tablet ... we are passionate about the in-touch world and we use it constantly in our lives. Social networks, online consultations, taking photos and videos, editing them, listening to music, managing our money, looking for a job, knowing the weather, using the calculator, playing video games or simply knowing the time. Oh and also talking on the phone! We already forgot.... 

But let's not forget that technology goes far beyond these devices.

Technology is also having an alarm clock or a razor with functions beyond waking up and shaving. Or a light bulb and a smart plug that we control through our mobile phone. The latter is what we know as home automation : smart gadgets that make our lives easier. In short, we are talking about products that, although they existed previously, have been renewed and their services have expanded. 

Each of us uses technology in a different way and here we present 5 types of technological profiles . What's yours? 

  1. First of all we will talk about the anti-technological one . We can imagine who is in this profile. All those who have not fallen into the networks of technology , who continue to use the landline, usually a landline because few of them have opted for the wireless one, and not the mobile phone, who almost do not even know what it works for. Those who use a clock that rings as an alarm clock thanks to its twin bells. Yes, they still exist and we hope they never go extinct.
  2. On the other hand, we find those who are -apparently- a little reticent about the change in technology but, secretly, they get into it. What do I mean? To those who promised they would never have a phone and today call their family and friends from the beach to tell them how well their vacation is going. If you talk to them about the cloud they only think about the cloud in the sky and they don't even want to hear about WhatsApp but hey, a year from now...who knows. 
  3. Here comes the middle point. Those who did not use technologies more out of ignorance than dislike, some perhaps out of fear but today, with so much progress and ease , they do not know how to say no to a Smart TV or having Instagram . “I can see the last 7 days on TV ,” “I see photos of my friends, my family, and even celebrities!” ... well that, which is a wonder and although they discovered it late, it is still a great discovery.
  4. We approach those who are very happy with technology and they have never rejected it, but on the contrary, every time there is something new they welcome it with enthusiasm and make every effort to understand it and use it in the best possible way. Those who were going to submit resumes in person , but long ago opted for job search portals ; those who have always used headphones to listen to music, but now those headphones do not have cables or those who controlled their hours of sleep , but have not objected to being controlled by a bracelet.   
  5. And finally , as it could not be otherwise, we have the number 1 technology fans. Faithful to each novelty, they are the first to inquire about it, look for where and how to try it and, if possible, acquire it. We are talking about those who have been using Facebook or Instagram for years but, suddenly, TikTok sneaks into their life as the latest news or those who have been cooking with the latest news until they have a robot that is capable of cooking for them . Their religion is virtual reality and they fully trust that soon we will be surrounded by flying cars or who knows what. 

    As you can see, each of us uses technology in our own way, but the important thing is that we are comfortable with it. It's not difficult to use (sometimes) and when you start, it's hooked. Identify yourself with your technological profile and never forget Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic”, but magic always needs to be used with caution .