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Este otoño disfruta de las facilidades de tu hogar inteligente

This fall enjoy the facilities of your smart home

With the arrival of autumn, we spend more and more days at home and all we need is a blanket and a movie or series. But what would happen if that pack came with facilities?

We love spending the afternoon curled up, watching the leaves fall from the trees while we have a chocolate and some popcorn with our eyes glued to the TV or computer. Until now this had been a comfortable and relaxed plan, but one that, at times, makes us terribly angry.

What are we referring to?

Well, without a doubt, the terrible moment when we have to get up to turn on the TV, charge the computer, heat up the popcorn... because we are so lazy that it is difficult for us to even press a button on the remote control.

I open a new world to you: there are solutions for that terrible laziness, and it is not fighting against it, it is much better than that. You can continue being lazy all afternoon, because great evils come with great remedies.

Let's analyze the problems one by one. Getting up to turn on the television when we are already sitting with the blanket over us. Easy and simple, the Garza smart plug allows you to activate the TV with just the touch of a button on your mobile . Pairing it is very simple, you only need the Garza App , a Wi-Fi network, and enjoy an afternoon of TV! In addition, we have a double possibility: the wall socket that, after installation, will remain fixed to connect the devices or a socket that, like a thief, you can insert or remove freely.

But more problems may arise. We don't watch TV that day, we prefer the computer, but it's out of battery and it turns out that the cell phone is charging in the only outlet we have. Impossible to use both devices at the same time while charging. Well... good news! The Garza smart power strip can help you with that problem, why? Because it is smart and allows you to charge both devices with just one click on your mobile phone.

Let's go one step further, you don't even need to click on your mobile. As? If we have the Alexa or Google Assistant voice assistant and the Garza plug or power strip, we will only need our voice to activate it.

For those who don't know them, voice assistants are perfect products to make our lives easier, since they are controlled by voice and we can ask them everything we need to know.

But not only that, but voice assistants are perfect for carrying out commands, so by pairing them with smart products, we can connect these devices without having to make even a minimum of effort. So you don't move a finger!

Not to mention how annoying too bright light can become when watching television or the computer. What do we propose to you? Garza's smart light bulb . As easy as turning the light on and off with your phone and even turning it down or up without leaving the couch.

Are you already dreaming of the perfect afternoon that awaits you? Don't even think about it, join the intelligent life and don't worry about everything, except yourself.