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Las mejores apps para cuidar el medio ambiente

The best apps to take care of the environment

Taking care of the environment is a purpose that Many of us have, however, we don't always try our best to make it happen. 

Recycling, reducing plastic consumption, traveling on public transport , avoiding leaving devices plugged in when not in use or using low-consumption smart LED bulbs are some of the most common options to preserve the environment . Trying to carry out these actions is not enough, we must do more than we can to achieve it. 

To do this , in this post we bring you the possibility of helping you preserve the environment with the help of your mobile phone. Easy, right?

We propose a series of perfect apps to help improve it in a simple way : 

Best apps to take care of the environment


It is a mobile application in which we can all participate. It is common to see containers, bottles, bags or cigarette butts on the ground and get angry about garbage being thrown onto public roads. With this app, anyone who sees any product lying on the ground can take a photo of it and upload it with geolocation to create a dynamic map of those areas most affected by waste and what type of waste predominates (plastic, paper, glass...) . Thus, the app has more than 110,000 people from 115 countries aware of this common work. . 


For those who spend too much time on their cell phone, this app will help them both to decongest from so much time online and to help the environment. The app invites its users to spend less time on their cell phones and, therefore, allows us to “plant” trees. These are virtual and every 20 minutes without using your mobile, they grow and you will receive 5 coins. With these coins you can improve your forest with new species of trees but, above all, you can contribute to real action. The app offers you the possibility of investing 2,500 coins in planting a real tree thanks to the organization Trees for the Future, an NGO that works in deforested areas. 

Too Good To Go

This app is great if you like to eat at a good price. Restaurants have to get rid of food on a daily basis that is in good condition but which, unfortunately, they have not been able to sell. For this reason, with this app you can buy that food from the best restaurants at a very reduced price. You will be able to see on the map which restaurants are available and closest to your location. 


It is not exactly an app but a search engine , Google style but with a very different system . It works in a simple and very, very useful way, because for each user search the environment is helped by planting trees . It takes about 45 searches per user to plant a tree and from the search engine itself you can check the total number of trees planted thanks to our searches. The search engine has advertising through Bing and 80% of the income they obtain goes to planting trees. The app has already contributed to planting in countries such as Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonesia and Spain. 


This app aims to provide information to its users about seasonal vegetables, fruits and vegetables according to the place and season of the year. With a description, interesting facts and a color code (red, yellow or green) depending on the season in which the product is found, the app aims to promote the consumption of local products and erase the carbon footprint. 

Let's learn to recycle

It is essential that the little ones become aware of the importance of the environment and therefore, the best method is to turn it into a game. With this app we will learn the types of waste, colors of the containers and many tricks to know how to recycle correctly.

And there are many more!  

    As you can see, there are many options to be able to contribute to the preservation of the environment with your cell phone in hand. Become aware and nature will thank you.