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iluminación más terrorífica en tu hogar para la noche de Halloween

Get the most terrifying lighting in your home for Halloween night

Happy Halloween! The scariest time of the year has arrived and we know that to enjoy your home 100% it also has to be very scary. That's why we recommend the best lighting to shine and scare at one of the most special celebrations of the year.

But Halloween lighting should be distributed throughout your house to create an atmosphere of terror in all spaces. Apart from illuminating the exterior to scare all those who come to trick-or-treat, it will also be essential to illuminate the interior in order to enjoy the night of October 31 with the whole family. Among our ideas to illuminate your home we will make a distinction between interior and exterior:

Outdoor lighting for Halloween

What could be scarier than an unexpected skeleton or bat in your windows? The use of silhouettes on our glass can be terrifying and to do this we will only need to cut out the element that scares you the most out of black cardboard, stick it on the door or window and illuminate the room. You can choose the light color you want, with a colder or warmer light according to your preferences. The effect created is great for creating a simple, cheap and spooky decoration .

Along the same lines, ghosts and spider webs are also very scary. As we will tell you later, you can place these elements inside your home and produce an external effect by playing with the lights .

Do you have a tree? Perfect! Take advantage of it with lights that scare anyone who dares to walk through your garden. The tree is very common to use at Christmas with colored lights , where silver, white and red can be the predominant colors. However, we must not forget the strength that we can give it on Halloween with the use of lights between its branches and leaves, but this time we will change the color of the lights to orange, a characteristic color of this time of year. To these lights you can add the luminous force of outdoor LED spotlights that you can place in different areas of the garden to cause terrifying lighting effects.

And if you have a porch or terrace, do not hesitate to place the typical pumpkins with a light inside. In this way we will enjoy a very fun afternoon days before emptying the pumpkin and giving it eyes, nose and mouth. Choose whether you prefer a friendly pumpkin or one that produces real terror.

So, don't forget to place Wi-Fi LED strips that change color on your window frames, columns or railings. We recommend flashing white and orange lights shining outside. They will not go unnoticed and they will be very scary!

lighting for halloween

Indoor lighting for Halloween

We must not overlook the interior lighting of the home , firstly, because it can help us increase the exterior light, since its placement in glass will be seen from the street or other homes and, secondly, because, as we already mentioned, To enjoy Halloween night it is not necessary to go to other homes, but it is enough to enjoy such a special night in our own home. An idea for a Halloween party in our home could be holding a gymkhana for the little ones, where the decoration and lighting will have a great role.

Therefore, placing a decoration with, for example, spider webs on windows illuminated with white light can help us enrich our interior and exterior at the same time.

Another terrifying Halloween trick for your home is creating homemade ghosts. Get a light that can be covered and place a sheet over it. That easy. Remember to place eyes created with black cardboard and you will achieve a much more realistic effect.

Likewise, the candle-shaped LED bulbs Warm colors can also be perfect for the occasion. And, if you want to give it a scary touch, add some glue spiders and place them next to it. The light from the bulb will reflect on the bugs and they will look real!

In addition, we give you some advice so that your party succeeds as the scariest one. Imagine if the lights could turn on and off by themselves , it would be the best! Well, pay attention, because we have the solution: use smart LED bulbs and control them from your mobile. You can even change its color, go from white to orange and... guaranteed success!

After these lighting tips, we advise you to get to work as soon as possible. Turn the night of October 31 into a night to remember.