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Despreocúpate de tu hogar durante las vacaciones

Don't worry about your home during the holidays

November and December are months where the different long weekends and Christmas allow you to get away from home for a few days, either to visit family, take the opportunity to make your first purchases or enjoy the lights and the Christmas atmosphere.

However, one of the main issues that comes to mind is security . Abandoning the house for a few days can become the perfect time for intruders, who can break in to steal or commit an act of vandalism. In this way, even if in the end no problem occurs, the truth is that we will be very worried about that minimal possibility, which may mean that we do not enjoy our trip as we had imagined.

But don't worry, we bring you several tips to keep the security of your home intact and stop worrying while you enjoy a perfect vacation. Go for it:

First of all, we advise you to use WiFi security cameras , whether internal, external or both . Believing that installing cameras is difficult is a mistake we often make. There are inexpensive cameras that are easy to install and that notify us when an intruder is detected in our home. Furthermore, if you choose smart security cameras you can control your home from your mobile phone, anywhere, anytime.

Don't worry about your home during the holidays

In relation to the previous point, another way to control your home to emulate that someone is home is to turn on lights or raise and lower blinds. You will achieve this thanks to home automation products , which will allow you to control your home even if you are not in it. Deceiving intruders is very simple. 

On the other hand, the window motion sensor is another option that can be very useful. We know that a key entrance for intruders is the window, so we must monitor that area with special attention. This sensor has two devices, device 1 will be placed in the moving part of the window and device 2 in the fixed part, so that when both parts are separated – by opening the window – an audible warning is activated and luminous that can alert the neighbors.

Another option is to use automatic lighting in your garden or porch. Whoever dares to enter your home will activate the lights as they pass, which will create fear in the thief due to the unexpected switching on.

Thus, you must correctly check that all the doors of the home are closed. Sometimes we do not lock the doors , due to forgetfulness or trust, however, it is crucial to check it. In case you detect that the security is still insufficient, we recommend that you add an extra lock, which will make entry difficult for intruders. Remember that if you need to invest a lot of time and effort in entering it will not be worth it.

On the other hand, do not allow your home to look neglected , this is seen, above all, in your garden or outdoor areas. Don't let overgrown grass, wilted flowers or unkempt terrain. This gives a feeling of carelessness about your home, which translates to: no one lives here.

After carrying out these tips, the only thing left is to enjoy your vacation. Keep your home safe and avoid undue scares and worries.