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Tipos de calefactores para enfrentarte al frío

Types of heaters to face the cold

With November the arrival of the cold is inevitable and with it, the heaters. We all need to stay warm in our homes, but we like it to be at the lowest possible price, something that is not always easy to achieve.

Our way of heating a space is through convection , that is, using air as a heat transition. For this reason, we should not open doors or windows when we have the heating on, as the air would escape and, therefore, the heat.

Although it is true that, even if we keep everything closed, the hot air rises to the ceiling and we “lose” it, so we need to keep the room warm with more heating hours and, therefore, greater energy consumption.

Different types of heaters to face the cold winter

We present different types of heaters so that you do not lack heat during this fall and winter.

hot air heater

They are usually electric and expel very hot air quickly, however, this does not last too long in space. It is true that they are comfortable, safe and not very large, which makes them easy to move from one place to another. Highly recommended for small rooms, where the heater close to the bed or desk will improve our stay. However, electricity is not exactly cheap, so its consumption is quite high.

wall heater

They are perfect for placing in small rooms and, sometimes, they are also provided with the air conditioning function. Perfect for attics converted into rooms, lofts or small apartments, easy to heat thanks to their small size . They usually have several programs to more or less heat your stay.

Oil radiator

Oil-filled, metallic and silent are a good option for medium spaces. Although it takes a while to heat up , they are quiet and emit uniform heat. In addition, its wheels allow us to move from one room to another.

Butane gas stoves

They are larger devices. They are optimal for use in large spaces, such as living rooms and offices. It is common for them to have wheels, which helps us transport them easily. 

Infrared heating

It transmits heat that does not move through the air, but through infrared waves. Thus, the walls, ceilings and floors are nourished by heat and release it little by little around them . 

Ceramic heater

As the main advantage we point out that we detect the heat as soon as it is turned on and its consumption is not too high, especially when compared to oil radiators.

pellet stove

Its operation is automatic and has complete safety, so there is no risk of burns. Pellet is a fuel that is made up of natural waste, specifically biomass made from shavings and sawdust . As they are small residues of fossil matter, hardly any ashes are created. In addition, its design is modern and cozy at the same time, so we will get a room with a vintage touch that you won't want to leave.

outdoor stove

The stoves that we see on any terrace make our visit a little more welcoming. They use butane gas and have an excellent combustion system, which helps us save. In addition, they are very safe, undoubtedly perfect for placing in bars or restaurants.

Oil stove

They used to be used in the past so many can be purchased as decoration. When used, almost all of the fuel is converted into heat thanks to its combustion system. Fuel consumption is very economical, which means that its energy consumption is minimal. 

After the different options, we recommend that you choose the one that best suits you and your needs. Remember that the size of the room where you intend to be is essential to decide on one or the other. Whatever the case, choose to have your house warm because the saying goes “I'm warm, people laugh.”