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Cómo utilizar productos de domótica sin morir en el intento

How to use home automation products without dying trying

We are all a little afraid of technology and, even more so, home automation. So many changes over time have left a wide repertoire of technological products that have been with us for years.

The problem comes when the gears walk, run, fly faster than us, and overtake us on the left at high speed. But, first of all, let's start at the beginning, what is home automation? We continually hear about home automation and smart products that no longer need to be connected manually. This is home automation, “the set of systems that automate the different installations of a home.”

This is where the problems begin, since it is easy to fall into the thought “home automation is very difficult, I don't understand it and I don't like it.” But sometimes we have not even stopped to try what it is for and, above all, what benefits it can provide us.

We present you some products from the Garza brand that can help you get closer to technology without it causing fear. One of the most basic and at the same time most important examples are the smart plugs . We all need plugs at home, there is no doubt, and many times these plugs are in places that are difficult to access or too far from us if we are in bed or the sofa. How many times have we thought "I wish the computer could charge without having to get up"... The good thing about home automation is that the products are intelligent, but we are the owners. The Garza plug turns on by itself, but until We “click” on the mobile this does not happen, so we should not be afraid to automate our home.

The plug works by pairing it with our mobile phone and to do this we only need the Garza App and a Wi-Fi network.

Once paired, voila! We can now turn on the plug from anywhere in the world with our mobile phone, as seen in this video with a broader (but not more difficult) explanation of the installation.

Think of all its advantages:

  • Leave a coffee maker plugged in and activate it from bed. When you get up you will have freshly brewed coffee.
  • How hot! Turn on the fan before you get home and find it cool.
  • Oh how cold! Turn on the heater before you get home and find it warm.
  • Connect the radio or speakers without moving and relax with the music.

In addition, we can get more out of the benefits of the plug with the use of WIFI power strips . The multiple bases work exactly the same, except that we have the possibility of plugging in several devices, for example the coffee maker and the toaster, and some are even provided with USB slots to be able to charge the mobile phone or tablet simultaneously.

Another of the easiest products to use and, at the same time, most useful for the home are smart LED bulbs . They have the same system as the plugs: we search for the device from the Garza App, enter the Wifi network and pair with the mobile. From that moment you can turn the lights on and off, raise or lower the intensity and change the color of the bulb. And me, why do I want it in my house?

  • Every time I start watching a movie I forget to turn off the light first. Turn any lamp on and off without getting up or raise and lower its intensity.
  • The children only fall asleep with the light on and when I try to turn it off, they wake up. Turn off the light from outside the room.
  • The stair switch is at the top and I always trip when going up at night. Turn on the lights from below.
  • You have a date? Lower the light intensity.
  • I'm studying and I can't concentrate with such orange light. Place a cold or warm light according to your taste to improve concentration
  • Today there is a party! Use fixed or flashing colored lights.

Finally, we cannot ignore the WIFI surveillance cameras . Both internal and external cameras They perform the service that we all imagine: guarding. But it is striking that we can monitor our home, business or any other space from our mobile phone and from anywhere in the world. The camera connects through the Garza App to your mobile, either via Wifi or by reading a QR code that will appear on your mobile and start recording. There are different models: with 360º movement, night vision and some are even compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa, so it will be a good idea to get it, whether we choose the indoor or outdoor version. What are some of its uses?

  • I've been robbed several times and I don't know what to do. Place the camera and monitor your home or business in 360º from your mobile phone.
  • Someone sneaks into my garden at night and I don't know who it is. The outdoor camera with night vision helps you monitor your areas so you don't miss any details.
  • I travel a lot and I'm always afraid of leaving the house alone . Activate the cameras and observe your home from your mobile phone from hundreds of kilometers away.
  • I have a baby and I am very worried about him being left alone in the room. The indoor camera will give you a perfect image of the space and what happens in it.
  • My pet is very unruly and I am always afraid to leave him alone. Use the camera to monitor your pet from anywhere.

In this review we have talked about several Garza products , leaving aside many others that we will comment on in another post. These make life easier for consumers, not only because of the intelligence of their products, but because of the simplicity of installing them on our mobile phone using the Garza app and being able to control them from there.