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Consejos y sistemas de seguridad para el hogar

Home security tips and systems

Home security has undergone a considerable change in recent years with the emergence of devices that adapt new technological possibilities to this area.

Wireless devices with an internet connection , applications that allow live monitoring of the environment, the management of these products under 'smart' guidelines, which favors their optimized use... the possibilities are wide and in this article by Garza we will review the advantages that these security systems provide.

Why should you have a security system in your home?

As has been seen, home security systems have changed a lot in recent decades. The expensive equipment and, in most cases, managed by experts that a few years ago were limited to this area now compete with home automation security devices that take advantage of the latest advances to be effective , more economical, manageable for anyone, whatever they are. their level of technological knowledge, and, of course, insurance.

Therefore, turning your home into a less vulnerable environment is now easier and much cheaper than it could cost before . In addition, technological possibilities provide endless options; from smart cameras that can be viewed on your mobile screen to alarms that will alert you at all times if something out of the ordinary happens in the house.

Finally, the presence of these devices not only fulfills a direct surveillance function, but also acts as a deterrent when criminals see that a security system is installed. At the very least, it will make them think twice before trying anything.

Elements of a home security system

Although there are multiple possibilities when setting up a home security system, in this article we will focus on some of the most common devices that fulfill the most critical functions.

Installation of home security cameras

Wifi surveillance cameras are usually one of the central elements of security systems. They allow not only the recording of the environment, so that any type of incident is recorded, but they also allow the activity they capture to be viewed live from anywhere .

Some of them, designed especially for outdoor environments, even use renewable energy to power themselves, as they include photovoltaic panels that fulfill that purpose.

Security motion sensors

The radio frequency motion detector is another of the classic components of security systems. These devices, once they capture movements in their range of action, allow the activation of alarms , they can send alerts to the mobile phone warning of their activation and they can even turn on other elements, such as security cameras, so that they begin to record what is happening. it's happening.

This last aspect, by the way, favors energy savings by allowing the camera to be turned off while it is not necessary to record anything.

Smart security kit with alarm

The motion sensors that we have just seen can be perfectly complemented with door opening sensors and an alarm , thus configuring a smart security kit that is managed in a simple and practical way from its mobile application.

Smoke and other gas detectors

Beyond the threats that thieves and other types of criminals can pose, home security also deals with other possible incidents such as fires and gas leaks. For this purpose, there are smoke detectors and other similar devices that, once installed, will make your home a safer environment.

Control the security of your home from your mobile

One of the great advantages that advances in wireless and internet technologies have brought about is that, in the case of home automation security, they allow the management and control of your devices from the palm of your hand and anywhere .

The mobile applications developed for this purpose are, therefore, the perfect ally for security systems and those that turn these devices into 'smart' devices that make the home a quieter place.