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Automatizar el riego de tu jardín

Automate the irrigation of your garden: Key to home automation in your home

The concept of 'smart home' is not limited to the space between the four walls (or whatever) of the home, but also encompasses outdoor environments. In this way, garden home automation is an area that offers many automation possibilities that will result in comfort and even the optimization of resources .

Within this field, which ranges from infrared sensors for lighting to intelligent security elements, the automation of garden irrigation stands out, an option that offers multiple advantages such as less water consumption, regulation in the event of inclement weather and, of course, the comfort of controlling and programming everything from the palm of your hand.

How to automate the irrigation of my garden?

To install automatic irrigation in the garden you will need four elements : an irrigation system, a smart programmer, a plug with 'hub' control and an application to manage the different possibilities from your mobile phone. To have the system operational, you will only need to carry out a few steps that we now detail:

1. Install your irrigation system

First of all, you must install the irrigation system itself; That is, each of the components that allow water to reach the defined spaces, whether by drip, sprinklers or any other option. It could be said that this is the 'analog' or structural step, that is, the one that makes up any irrigation system, whether it is intelligent or not .

2. Get a smart programmer to automate your garden irrigation

Once we have an irrigation system, it will be time to make it 'smart'. The intelligent irrigation programmer will be the element that turns the entire previous installation into an automatable and remotely controllable garden .

3. Pair the plug and smart irrigation controller with your smartphone

The next step will be to activate the socket with 'hub' control and link it with the irrigation programmer via mobile phone. Basically, this element will allow you to generate the network to operate from the smartphone in the garden.

4. Install the smart controller on the water outlet

Finally, you must install the smart programmer in the garden water outlet . Thanks to the wireless network in which this device, the plug and the smartphone participate, you will now be able to control irrigation with total comfort.

Advantages of automating irrigation with a smart programmer

The use of automated irrigation in the garden using an intelligent programmer offers different advantages that will benefit your pocket and your comfort. Some of them are the following:

Saving water, avoiding waste

By having total and immediate control of the system you will be able to avoid or remedy mistakes such as leaving the irrigation open . This will also have a positive effect on preventing possible conditions such as waterlogging, spaces and plants damaged by excess water or devices damaged by getting wet.

In addition, and thanks to the measurement options that these systems incorporate, you can check water consumption over time in the smartphone application and adjust irrigation to the needs of each moment.

Saving time in caring for your garden

The fact that the irrigation system is programmable allows you to create an optimized schedule for each case , something that also has an impact on comfort and time savings, since you will not have to wait to start it once the schedule is created.

Intelligent action depending on weather conditions

In addition, automated risk systems like Garza's offer the possibility of adapting to weather conditions , preventing it from starting up when it rains, even if it is programmed to do so at that time.

Control your garden irrigation from your smartphone

And, of course, one of the great advantages of these irrigation systems lies in having control of your garden from your mobile phone , without even having to be present in the environment to manage it and with all the measurement and recording options it offers. the 'app'. In our home automation store you can purchase this system and many other smart devices that will make your life easier.