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asistentes de voz alexa y google home

Voice assistants: Home automation compatible with Alexa or Google Home

Give orders simply with your voice , without the need for any other type of interaction. That is the foundation of voice assistants, devices that are gaining their space in more and more homes, thanks to the comforts provided by their versatile field of action.

In this article by Garza we will show What a voice assistant consists of , which are the most popular, their main strengths and some of the most practical uses that these devices offer.

What are voice assistants?

Voice assistants are those electronic devices that, thanks to software, can interpret and execute commands (orders) that the user requests with his or her own voice.

Keywords such as the classic “hey, Siri”, in Apple devices, or “ok, Google” in the products of the Californian giant, they are the gateway to interacting with devices equipped with this technology.

From playing a song to controlling smart devices, the range of possibilities they cover is increasingly greater and the interactions of their artificial intelligences are more complete and sophisticated.

Main voice assistants on the market

Although there are several voice assistants today, the most widespread are those of amazon (Alexa), Google (Google Assistant), Manzana (Siri) and Samsung (Bixby). These assistants are integrated into multi-use devices such as mobile phones and computers, but where they take on greater prominence is in devices focused on home automation control such as Google Home, Alexa Echo, from Amazon or Homepod , from Apple.

Home automation uses compatible with Alexa and Google Home

There are countless technologies that are compatible with these assistants, so that they can be integrated into your network of use. From turn on a light bulb with Alexa To adjust the temperature of the home with Google Home, the possibilities offered by voice-controlled home automation are increasing.

Turn lights on and off with your voice assistant

If available smart bulbs compatible, controlling its on and off is as simple as giving the command by voice, something that can be very convenient, for example, if you are not in the room where you want to perform.

Control any electronic device with a smart plug

As with light bulbs, Smart plugs enter the range of voice assistants. In this way, you will be able to control the devices that are connected to these sockets 'at your convenience'.

Activate or deactivate our security systems with your voice

Many smart security kit Current ones are already integrated into voice assistants, so they can also be activated or deactivated by speaking and thus avoid, for example, having to access the application and enter the appropriate orders.

Achieve the ideal temperature of our home

Set the home temperature appropriately, as we explain in this article that answers the question about At what temperature to set the heating , program it to turn it on or turn it off are other functions that voice assistants integrate, thus increasing the comfort of the home, through the smart thermostats .

Schedule your garden irrigation with one command

Voice assistants not only operate within the home, but also They can act with devices that are outside the walls , such as the garden. Thus, thanks to a smart irrigation controller You can program, activate or deactivate irrigation using a voice command.

Advantages of voice assistants

The advantages of voice assistants lie in the convenience of dictating orders to a multitude of devices with speech , without having to use different protocols; In other words, a single voice assistant allows you to integrate several technologies, which will respond to the voice commands you ask of them.

You won't have to resort to different apps, or even take your cell phone out of your pocket, just your voice will be enough to, for example, lower and raise the blinds or manage some smart cameras .