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control de iluminacion domotica

What is home automation lighting control?

He smart home It is a field that increasingly addresses more domestic aspects and offers all kinds of possibilities. In this sense, lighting is no exception and there are already multiple options on the market in order to make life easier or, at least, more comfortable.

In this way, the home automation lighting systems They are those that allow the automation and control of the parts that make it up, that is, light bulbs, switches and other elements related to this area, through a digital application that encompasses their parameters and allows their control.

Thanks to this, with the home automation lighting control we can, with a simple gesture in a mobile application, from turn devices on and off that we select, program them, change the tone of the lights and, in the bulbs that allow it, even choose your colors .

automated lighting control

Advantages of home automation lighting control

Lighting control systems have an obvious advantage that is already included in their name: the control . From this obvious goodness, however, many others derive that make it a perfect alternative for the home. These are some of them:

Savings on the electricity bill

Thanks to the fact that home automation lighting allows you to automate on and off, Energy expenditure can be significantly reduced . In addition, there are options that even show consumption, information that can be used to adjust uses.

And, of course, that they can turn on and off devices without being at home It is a possibility that results in energy savings, in the event that a device has been left on due to carelessness.

Customize environments

A relaxed bedroom in warm and subdued tones, a kitchen with powerful white light for comfortable working, a living room with different lighting points to create a comfortable environment... The possibilities offered by devices such as Wifi smart light bulbs There are many and accessible from a simple application.

lighting control systems

A safer home

Another option for automated lighting control systems affects the field of security . Thus, thanks to intelligent lighting you can schedule the lights on and off at certain times of the day even if you are not at home, for example, on vacation. With that, it will give the appearance that the home is inhabited to prevent theft.

Ideas to control the lighting in your home with home automation

Although the smart lighting It is a field with infinite possibilities, in this article we have selected some of them that will make the home a more comfortable place:

LED lighting strips for different rooms

A WiFi led strip It is a versatile lighting element, very effective in different environments and adaptable to different situations. A good use of these strips is in the desk , where you work or study, replacing the conventional flexo.

It can be attached, for example, to a shelf above the work table, or in a special container, and, thanks to the customization offered by these devices, its power and temperature can be adjusted to the requirements of each situation. .

But these strips can also be in the living room , creating different environments and playing with shadows thanks to the choice of tone and color. Thus, in the same day you can go from an active and vital space during the afternoon to a relaxed and subdued environment once night arrives.

home automation lighting control

LED ceiling lights in main light points

With the LED ceiling lights We can achieve a large point of light that optimally illuminates a room, without the need for other light bulbs to complete the task. These are luminous surfaces that They can be adapted to large environments , such as a living room, others are smaller , such as the bathrooms, but in all of them they will fulfill their role perfectly.

Forget about switches with presence sensors

With the motion detectors It will no longer be necessary to look for the switch to turn the light on or off. Simply, These sensors will capture your presence and they will turn on when you arrive or turn off when you are gone. Something that, by the way, also contributes to energy savings .

Control the lighting of all these devices by voice

Many of these devices, in addition to allowing control from an application, also They can receive voice commands . Systems with assistants such as Alexa or Siri offer this possibility.