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detectores de humo

Frequently asked questions about smoke detectors

There is a very effective solution to guarantee the safety of your home or any place where there is a potential risk of fire, do you know what it is? Indeed, smoke detectors are small devices that can save your life thanks to a simple warning in time.

Questions about smoke detectors are so common that we have decided to answer some of them in this new article. From the operation of the smoke sensors to the proper location of the devices or their correct maintenance: we clear up all your doubts.

Operation of smoke detectors

Did you read our post about all the types of smoke detectors that exist? If so, you already know that we can find different models of smoke detectors on the market, so the operation of each of them is different.

Of course, all smoke detectors are designed to locate particles in the air that are characteristic of a fire. And how do you identify the presence of smoke or particles? Using different technologies, such as ionization or photoelectric detection.

Thus, when activated, they emit an audible alarm to alert you to the risk of fire.

Some of the most frequently asked questions about smoke detectors

Where to place a smoke detector?

Choosing the right location for a smoke detector is essential. Of course, you should place it in those areas of your home where a fire is most likely to occur , such as the kitchen, bedrooms, and hallways.

Additionally, it is important to install them on the ceiling or on top of the walls , since the smoke tends to rise. Avoid installing smoke detectors near windows, doors or air ducts, since they could interfere with their proper functioning.

At what height should smoke sensors be placed?

The recommended installation height for smoke detectors is generally 10 to 30 centimeters (4 to 12 inches) from the corner of the ceiling .

This will ensure that your sensors can detect smoke effectively, since, as we have mentioned, smoke usually rises before filling the room.

Every how many meters should we place a smoke detector?

The distance between different smoke detectors is also important. We recommend that you install a sensor in each bedroom and in each hallway that connects different areas of your home. The idea is to guarantee that any room is protected by at least one detector.

Is it necessary to place more than one detector per zone?

It is not essential, but it is good practice to install several smoke sensors in a very large area or in large spaces where there is a greater risk of fire.

This will ensure that there is adequate coverage and that any hint of smoke is detected early enough in all rooms of your house.

Can different smoke detectors be connected in series?

That's how it is! Smoke sensors can be connected in series so that they all sound if one of them detects particles . This is especially useful in large homes, where it is important that the alarm can be heard from various parts of the building.

Of course, for a safe and efficient series connection it is essential to follow your manufacturer's instructions.

How to turn off or deactivate a smoke detector?

It is not recommended to turn off or disable a smoke detector unless necessary, such as during scheduled maintenance. In fact, most devices have a test button that will allow you to verify their operation without disabling them.

If a detector activates due to a false alarm, ventilate the room or area to remove smoke before attempting to turn it off.

Guarantee the security of your home with Garza smoke detectors

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