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iluminación cocina

Tips for lighting your kitchen

Are you going to renovate your kitchen or brand new one in your new home? So you're probably already thinking about lighting ideas for kitchens, aren't you yet? If you want to get the most out of this room in the house , we recommend doing it as soon as possible.

Its size, natural light or the use you give to this corner of your home are key factors that you should take into account when tackling your kitchen lighting project.

Are you looking for inspiration? As we already did in another article giving you ideas for lighting your bedroom , this time we will try to help you with your kitchen lighting. Do not miss it!

The importance of adequate lighting in your kitchen

Do you know why it is so important to have good lighting for kitchens? These are some of the reasons:

  • Security. The kitchen is an area where we are frequently exposed to cuts or burns, and even food safety risks, and efficient lighting can prevent many accidents.
  • Functionality. This corner of our home is also a workspace where we carry out very specific tasks that require good lighting.
  • Hygiene. Kitchen lighting is essential to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards and avoid health problems.
  • Esthetic. Of course, the right light can highlight the décor, style and aesthetic of your kitchen.
  • Atmosphere. The intensity and type of lighting you choose can also help you create different atmospheres.
  • Energy efficiency. In addition, LED lighting in kitchens will mean significant savings on your electricity bill and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Top tips for lighting your kitchen

Now that you are clear about the relevance of lighting in kitchens, you surely want to take advantage of all its possibilities. Take note of our advice!

Take into account the distribution and type of kitchen

First of all, keep in mind that not all kitchens are the same. Distribution is a primary factor that you must consider when designing your lighting project .

A good trick is to create different layers of light to generate different environments and bring modernity and comfort to this room.

Also try to take advantage of natural light , distributing the furniture in a way that favors its circulation.

Choose well the main light point in your kitchen

It is important that your kitchen has a main lighting point, uniform light and no shadows. To achieve this, our LED ceiling lights can be your best allies. The most advisable thing in kitchens is to opt for a neutral light of around 4,000K.

Opt for more efficient LED lighting in your kitchen

Low consumption, cost savings, great durability, efficiency, different colors and temperatures... It is clear that LED technology offers you great advantages , and is the best option for lighting your kitchen.

Use LED strips to illuminate the countertop, furniture or shelves

As you know, a kitchen is divided into different work spaces, such as the countertop, which needs appropriate lighting. Sometimes it is also necessary to incorporate points of light in some darker areas, such as the inside of shelves or the bottom of furniture.

LED strips, increasingly popular, are a great and efficient idea for this type of lighting needs. It is not surprising, since they are easy to install, hardly require maintenance and adapt to any shape and size. You can also connect Garza's to WiFi and program them from your mobile phone or your voice assistant.

Use LED bulbs to regulate the light tone in your kitchen

In our lighting store we also have different models of smart LED bulbs , and you can adjust their parameters using the Garza application.

We also have filament bulbs with a vintage feel, perfect for giving a retro touch to your kitchen.

Bet on home automation control of your kitchen with smart lighting

On a day-to-day basis, the ideal home lighting is one that can be adjusted and programmed based on the needs of each occasion . And not all moments require the same amount and intensity of light, nor the same tone. Having this possibility thus represents significant savings.

Illuminate every corner

And don't forget to take into account all the details! For example, the inside of cabinets and drawers are small corners where some light may be needed.

For these cases, you can illuminate the interior with light bulbs with motion detectors, which detect your presence and turn on or off depending on it . This way you will be creating a much more ergonomic room.

Find in Garza everything you need to illuminate your kitchen

Do you need WiFi light bulbs after reading all our kitchen lighting ideas? At Garza we have everything you need.

We are dedicated to simplifying technology for your home and making your daily life much easier. Take a look at our product catalog and ask us for advice on lighting your kitchen, without any obligation. We are looking forward to helping you!