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Compensation for self-consumption surpluses: Save thanks to your solar energy

More and more people are deciding to install solar panels in their home, and self-consumption is a great option to save energy and bet on a greener future. It basically consists of producing your own energy in order to consume it.

But what happens if you generate too much and have energy left over? Well, self-consumption surpluses can help you save on your electricity bill. As? We explain everything to you in this new post by Garza .

What are self-consumption surpluses?

We call self-consumption surplus all the energy that your self-consumption facility produces but then never consumes .

Save thanks to the surplus solar energy you produce

As we have mentioned, the surplus solar energy generated by your panels can help you save on your bill. To achieve this you can follow two different paths:

  1. Compensation of self-consumption surpluses. By compensating for surpluses, you pour that energy that you have not consumed into the network, and a marketing company compensates you financially when the billing period ends. To do this, you will have to contract a solar energy rate and meet certain conditions.
  2. The sale of self-consumption surpluses. Selling your surplus solar energy is also possible, although the procedure is much more complex.

How to sell the surplus electrical energy generated?

If you decide to sell your self-consumption surpluses, you will need to register as an energy producer . Furthermore, in this case, the price of self-consumption surpluses will be determined by the market price, and may vary significantly.

For those who opt for domestic self-consumption, this option can be cumbersome. The procedures are slow and not very interesting .

Advantages of compensating self-consumption surpluses

Without a doubt, if you are looking for a safe bet for the excess energy from your panels, compensation for self-consumption surpluses is the most convenient option. This route has emerged thanks to the new solar self-consumption regulations, Royal Decree 244/2019.

Of course, to benefit from this compensation , the power of your self-consumption installation must be equal to or less than 100 kW , since this mechanism is designed for small renewable consumers.

The advantages of this compensation are many:

  • You will save on your energy bill.
  • You will take advantage of the energy that you do not consume in the future and reduce your carbon dioxide emissions.
  • It is a quick and easy alternative , since the marketing company itself will automatically compensate you on your invoice and you will not have to take any steps.
  • This compensation is also applicable to other types of solar self-consumption , such as collective self-consumption , and allows you to take advantage, for example, of the surpluses of your neighbors and self-consumption partners.

FAQs on compensation for self-consumption surpluses

If compensation for self-consumption surpluses is interesting to you, you surely have a few questions. We are going to try to answer the most common ones.

Will I receive an income in exchange for the surpluses generated?

Not quite. Instead of receiving income from the surpluses generated, you will have a discount on your bill . When it arrives, you will be able to check the calculation broken down with the refund for the compensation of surpluses, and also the discount on the total amount.

What is the price of each kWh generated?

The amount of your discount for self-consumption surpluses will vary depending on the compensation price established in your tariff for each kWh you have poured into the grid . There will always be a compensation limit, which refers to the maximum amount with which you can be compensated, and it will be less than the kWh you have consumed.

What is the best self-consumption surplus rate?

Marketers offer very different solar rates , although in general they tend to distinguish between 3 options: fixed price, savings - with discounts to compensate for hours with less sun - and nights or weekends.

Garza products that run on solar energy

At Garza we are aware of the importance of promoting self-consumption at home to achieve a more efficient planet. If you have not installed solar panels yet and would like to start investing little by little in photovoltaic technology with some simple action , we offer you a good alternative: our range of products that work directly with solar energy.

In our online home automation store you can find, for example, a solar surveillance camera , very useful in case of blackouts, or the dimmable LED solar spotlight for outdoors. In addition to the clear benefits of betting on sustainability, our customers will be able to stop worrying about batteries or other fuel that these devices usually need to operate.

At Garza we simplify the technology in your home to make your life easier . What are you waiting for to browse our catalog and find the most comfortable solution for your home?