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eficiencia energetica en el hogar

Energy efficiency at home: Principles and good practices

Did you know that, with small gestures on a daily basis, we could all reduce our energy consumption by up to 30%? In fact, if we normalize certain practices, our planet will no longer suffer the increasingly serious consequences. That is why improving energy efficiency is no longer just an option: it has become a necessity.

Aware of this, at Garza we have prepared this post in which we are going to make it clear to you what energy efficiency is and why this concept is so important. In addition, we will give you some tips on how to improve energy efficiency at home, essential practices if you want to save on your electricity bill. You are interested, right?

What is energy efficiency?

To begin with, we must clarify the meaning of this concept. What is energy efficiency?

Well, it is about the ability to obtain greater performance or utility from the same amount of energy consumed. In other words, it's about doing more with less energy. This means reducing our energy waste and optimizing its use in a wide range of applications, from transport to homes and buildings.

Being clear about what energy efficiency is is crucial to being able to fight climate change and contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

And improving energy efficiency would make it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions , as well as significant cost savings for families.

Characteristics that determine the energy efficiency of a home

As we have mentioned, improving the energy efficiency of homes is possible. To do this, when building, renovating or living in a house we must take into account certain factors that determine its efficiency:

  • The lighting. Using LED bulbs can significantly reduce your electricity consumption.
  • Heating and air conditioning systems. Proper thermal insulation will reduce your need to use heating and cooling.
  • The appliances. Choosing the right appliances is also important if you want to improve energy efficiency in your home.
  • The maintenance. To avoid energy losses, it will be advisable for you to carry out periodic maintenance on all the systems and components in your home.
  • Control of consumption. Your awareness and control of energy consumption in your home are essential to maintain high energy efficiency in it.
  • The use of renewable energies. Incorporating solar panels and other renewable energy sources will reduce your energy dependence on other sources and will lead to long-term savings.
  • Home automation. The installation of control and automation systems for the lighting, heating and cooling of your home will allow you to use energy more efficiently, since they adapt to your needs in real time.

How can home automation improve energy efficiency?

So, can home automation play a significant role in improving the energy efficiency of your home? Of course!

Home automation provides more precise and automated control of a home's systems, leading to more efficient energy management. This not only reduces energy costs, but also contributes to sustainability by reducing your home's carbon footprint.

Tips to improve energy efficiency in your home

The Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge itself is clear: we must take action on the matter. To teach you how to improve energy efficiency at home, we have taken MITECO's advice for your contribution at home as a reference. Write them all down!

1. Go for efficient lighting

As we have mentioned, improving energy efficiency in the home involves installing smart lighting systems based on LED technology, which are low consumption and much more efficient . Not only will you reduce your electricity bill, but you will also be demonstrating your responsibility to the environment.

Also, luckily, we live in a country with many hours of sunlight. Take advantage of them!

2. Limit your water consumption

Try to rationalize your water use when scrubbing, showering, using the dishwasher, flushing the toilet, and even washing your face and hands. A great idea is to have a double flush button on the cistern, since it saves a significant amount of water.

And, remember, regular maintenance of your faucets is also important!

3. Use smart air conditioning systems and insulate your home well

As we have mentioned, thermal insulation is crucial in the energy efficiency of a home. Therefore, double or triple glazed windows are recommended . Also pay attention to your doors, cracks can cause energy to escape!

On the other hand, it is essential that you use intelligent air conditioning systems to program the comfort temperature of each appliance and make the most of natural resources, reducing your consumption and your energy bill.

4. Use sustainable appliances

Currently, household appliances have a label incorporated that indicates their degree of efficiency. Opt for the most current and ecological models, that is, those with the A+ label or higher , and try to optimize their use.

Also, remember that electronic devices in standby mode also consume energy and can affect your bill.

Home automation products to improve home energy efficiency

In addition to taking into account all the previous tips, you can take a look at the Garza catalog if you are trying to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Among our home automation products are, for example, smart plugs , perfect for saving energy in your home and achieving an A energy efficiency certificate.

In our team we have a commitment: to make your daily life easier by bringing technology to your home. We want to give you full control of your devices and also help you achieve significant goals , such as improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Contact Garza now and turn your home into a true smart home. Do not wait more!