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mejorar el ritmo circadiano

How to improve the circadian rhythm with the help of home automation

Circadian rhythms correspond to the physical, mental and behavioral changes that repeat approximately every 24 hours in our body. Natural processes, which affect the vast majority of living beings, and which are governed mainly by light and darkness .

Thus, the most famous circadian rhythm is the one related to sleeping at night and being awake during the day.

Consequently, to maintain a regular circadian rhythm it will be necessary to have external elements that help synchronize it, such as schedules. However, these can be changed and affect this biological rhythm.
In this article, we are going to show you how with home automation lighting control you can regulate the circadian rhythm of sleep , for better rest. Find out below!

What are circadian rhythms?

Circadian rhythms are the biological rhythms that regulate the physiological functions of the body so that they are repeated daily. As we say, the best known is the circadian rhythm of sleep, linked to light stimuli.
Thus, when it gets dark, our body increases its temperature by secreting the hormone melatonin. This is responsible for generating that feeling of drowsiness. On the other hand, during the day, when exposed to the sun, melatonin levels drop.

The simile is always made with the clock, and the circadian rhythm is synchronized with both internal and external factors. Among the external ones, it is worth highlighting: a social routine, meal times, set work hours, etc.

Therefore, shift work, jet lag or any other change in routine can affect these synchronizers, which in turn can alter the quality of sleep . But, before learning how to improve the circadian rhythm of sleep, it is necessary to know what the benefits of taking care of it are.

Benefits of taking care of your circadian rhythm

It is always said that health is made up of 3 fundamental pillars: correct nutrition, physical activity and quality rest. Hence, disturbed sleep can degenerate into both physical and psychological health problems.

Migraines, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, fatigue... but also metabolic diseases, such as arthritis, can be worsened by poor rest.

Therefore, regulating circadian sleep rhythms is essential. Discover its main benefits:

  • More energy for everyday life: Waking up to sunlight is key for your energy. Controlling light according to your biorhythm increases productivity and increases physical resistance. You will perform much more!
  • Greater spirit: Sleeping well is synonymous with feeling better mentally as well. Stress levels are reduced, as well as irritability.
  • A healthier state: Rest is essential to reduce the appearance of diseases, as well as maintaining an optimal weight.

Phases of the circadian rhythm that we must take into account

To learn how to improve the circadian rhythm of sleep, it is necessary to know its phases. They are the following:

  1. Drowsiness: These are the first 10 minutes after falling asleep. It is halfway between wakefulness and sleep itself.
  2. Light sleep: This is the second stage of sleep and lasts half the cycle. Our breathing and heart rate gradually slow down. As for the brain, it presents moments of high and low activity. It is very difficult to wake up.
  3. Transition: It only lasts about 2-3 minutes and occurs when our body is completely relaxed, secreting growth hormone.
  4. Deep sleep: Also called the Delta sleep stage, it is the most important of all. And it determines the quality of our rest. It covers one fifth of the entire cycle.
  5. REM phase or paradoxical sleep: Without a doubt, the best known of all. “REM” stands for “rapid eye movement.” It lasts between 15-30 minutes and there is a high level of brain activity, although our muscles are blocked. It is the phase in which you dream, without going any further.

Tips to improve circadian rhythm

Learn how to regulate your circadian rhythm and improve it, through the following tips and technology:

Set your bedtime

How to improve the circadian rhythm? With a planned dream. If you go to bed at the same time every day, your body will get used to falling asleep at the right time. But if you have trouble relaxing, these smart LED bulbs are what you need. You can choose the light depending on the time of day: cold, neutral and warm. The latter is ideal for relaxing.

sleep at night

It seems very obvious, but this advice is key. Night is the optimal time of day to sleep. The best thing for our circadian rhythm is to go to bed early and get up early. It will improve your performance at work or with classes.

Absolute darkness

Say goodbye to the light, at night darkness is essential. For this, blinds and eye masks are essential to improve the circadian rhythm of sleep.

feel comfortable

That the bedroom is fresh, clean and, ultimately, in comfortable conditions is essential for rest. If you are wondering how to improve the circadian rhythm of sleep, creating a comfortable and pleasant space is key. And, in this sense, lighting plays a fundamental role.

Sports practice

Regular exercise is also beneficial for rest. Body temperature increases, which makes it easier to sleep better .

Bet on smart lighting

Smart lighting , like the one we offer you at Garza, is key to improving the circadian rhythm of sleep. Our technology allows your body to adapt to this biorhythm.

Thus, the biorhythm function simulates the changes in brightness and color temperature of the Sun throughout the day, which brings us closer to light in nature.

Our smart devices have different functions that will improve your circadian rhythm. In the Garza APP, the first function is the “alarm clock” . Gradually, the light will turn on; promoting a natural and smooth awakening.
On the other hand, in our mobile app we also have the “good night” function, which consists of gradually turning off the lights 30 minutes before going to sleep. This will help you fall asleep.
Likewise, it should be noted that during the day, the light becomes cold in order to keep you awake, just as at dusk it becomes warm to help you fall asleep.

So now you know, smart lighting is an ally for your rest. Visit the Garza online store now and discover all our smart light bulb models.