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Tipos de riego para tu jardín

Types of irrigation for your garden

Maintaining your home's garden is essential, especially in the summer months. The increase in temperatures forces us to be even more aware of the care and condition of our plants. Therefore, choosing the most appropriate irrigation system becomes essential.
An ideal way to enjoy our garden without having to worry too much is through an automatic irrigation system. Discover in the following article the different types of irrigation for your garden and combine it with a smart irrigation controller from Garza.

Why should you consider an irrigation system for your garden?

Automating garden irrigation , thanks to a smart system, offers great benefits to the user. Let's look at some of the main ones:

  • Time savings and convenience: To begin with, it is a highly convenient system. Irrigation is scheduled at the time or day you want, so you won't even have to be on the lookout or at home.
  • Personalized irrigation from your smartphone: All of this is managed from the palm of your hand, thanks to an app on your mobile phone. Indeed, it's that simple! You can adjust the irrigation depending on the needs of your garden.
  • Sustainability: Saving water is important, since its control is totally optimal. In this way, any type of waste, the result of human oversight, will be avoided. The most common? Leave the irrigation open. This will translate into prevention of possible flooding or plants damaged by excess water, among others.
  • Depending on the weather: These types of intelligent irrigation systems adapt perfectly to weather conditions. For example, if they detect that it is raining, they will not start; promoting water savings and, therefore, avoiding waste.

Main types of irrigation for the garden

Did you know that there are different types of irrigation for the garden? These are the main types of irrigation:

Sprinkler irrigation

We begin this list of types of irrigation with sprinkling. Sprinklers are devices that rotate around their vertical axis , distributing water over a circular surface.
This system is advantageous since it does not involve a large investment, its effectiveness is proven and there are different types - short, medium and high -, so the scope can be chosen according to irrigation needs.

Irrigation by diffusers

Although they are very similar to sprinklers, and therefore easily confused, diffusers only distribute water in a single direction . Sprinklers, on the other hand, do it by means of that rotation that we mentioned before.
Among the benefits of these types of irrigation, the low costs in breakdowns, the low pressure that the water requires, and the fact that they can cover a very small, specific space stand out.

drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is localized irrigation , which means applying water to a specific area of ​​the soil, through small flows and low pressure. In this case, and as their name indicates, they are drops that are introduced into the part of the soil where the roots of the plants are located.
Consequently, this system makes it possible to optimize the quantities of water , in addition to improving the quality of the crops. Likewise, the appearance of weeds is reduced, as is the use of fertilizers or phytosanitary products.

Exudation irrigation

Exudation irrigation is another type of irrigation on our list. It consists of a porous tube that exudes water from its surface . Thus, this tube is made of a textile material, which facilitates a continuous humidity line along its length. In addition, this material is very resistant and can withstand the sun's rays or avoid limescale.
In this way, this type of irrigation constantly hydrates the soil , as well as oxygenates it. Likewise, it promotes continued plant growth and is compatible with fertilizers and other phytosanitary products.

Mist irrigation

Also known as “Fog system”, mist irrigation releases water in the form of mist , sprayed drops, thanks to emitters that are placed at the top of the plant. In addition, it reduces the temperature of the environment, cooling it, and also raising humidity levels.

Its easy installation, humidity maintenance, optimal use of energy, as well as its automation possibilities mean that it could not be missing from this list of irrigation types.

Manual irrigation with hose

And finally, the most classic type of irrigation: hose irrigation. And, although there are many critics, this type of manual irrigation allows a large amount of water to be poured in a short time . Something ideal if you have a fruit tree in your garden or a plant that requires a lot of water.

In addition, the hose allows you to reach the most remote corners of your garden, covering a large area.

What is the best type of irrigation for your garden?

As has been seen, we find different types of irrigation for gardens. Hence it is necessary to choose between one or the other. To do this, aspects such as the space available in the garden itself, the budget to be managed, the amount and type of vegetation or even the climate must be taken into account.

In the end, as a user, you will have to make a balance between the different types of garden irrigation and choose the one that best suits your needs.

But yes, at Garza, we encourage you to always bet on garden home automation , applicable to different types of irrigation. These are some compelling reasons:

  • IP65 Protection: Resists extreme weather conditions such as snow, dust or rain.
  • Easy installation: Both on the wall and on the ceilings.
  • Natural aesthetics: Its design is designed not to break with the natural environment of your garden.
  • Comprehensive irrigation control: You will be able to have full control of the irrigation devices, from anywhere. You will even receive notifications.
  • Voice command: In addition to connecting through our Garza Smart app, your garden irrigation can be controlled using voice assistants such as Alexa and Google.
  • Compatible with other smart devices: You can connect several smart devices from our brand and link them through automations and scenes.
  • Energy and resource savings: Sustainability is a fundamental axis in home automation. You will save water, therefore avoiding waste. Likewise, this will mean cost savings.

Installing automatic irrigation for our garden

Decided to opt for a smart type of irrigation? To do this, you will need 4 essential elements.

  • The irrigation system itself
  • A smart programmer
  • A socket with hub control
  • A mobile application for irrigation management

Thus, once the irrigation system is installed, it is also necessary to install an intelligent irrigation programmer, which will be included in the water outlet. This will allow you to automate this garden function, thanks to a wireless network made up of the device, your mobile phone and a hub control socket, which will have to be linked to the programmer itself.

Are you ready to install your smart irrigation system? Get your WiFi irrigation programmer now in our online store and enjoy the advantages of having a smart garden. At Garza, we are your home automation store.