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Ideas para la iluminación de tu dormitorio

Ideas for lighting your bedroom

Achieving a relaxing space, full of peace and comfort , is key for any bedroom. This room must become an authentic 'temple of relaxation', which guarantees complete rest to its members.

For this, lighting plays a fundamental role. Discover in this article how to choose the best lighting for your bedroom .

Why is it so important to take care of the lighting in your bedroom?

First of all, it should be noted that the bedroom is a room that does not need to have the light on throughout the day. Hence, the lighting in this room has to be prepared to withstand switching on and off, and suddenly.

In general, the lighting in a bedroom has to be soft, warm and, above all, comfortable.

The objective is to achieve a relaxing stay, a place of immersion towards sleep . And, to do this, lighting must also achieve that invitation to disconnection and rest. Next, let's look at some ideas for lighting your bedroom and achieve this effect.

You must take into account the different light points in a bedroom

But, in addition to encouraging rest, a bedroom is a room in the home where daily actions where light is necessary are also carried out.

From dressing or getting ready, to reading in bed. Lighting in the bedroom is essential both day and night.

Consequently, it is necessary to assess what lighting sources are necessary to carry out these activities with complete solvency, but always with the premise of creating a relaxing room. Thus, there are several types of lighting for a bedroom :

  • General lighting: Those that do not seek atmosphere, but rather clarity. A lighting for the ceiling of a bedroom. That is, a hanging lamp, spotlights or even a strip with adjustable spotlights in different light points.
  • Spot lighting: As its name indicates, this type of lighting in bedrooms refers to spot lights, necessary for specific actions and that last a certain time. Within this category, we find that light next to the bed - whether through a night lamp or a spotlight - to read before sleeping.
  • Ambient lighting: Essential to create that relaxing atmosphere. This is soft bedroom lighting and can be found on the wall, in a table lamp or in a floor lamp.

Ideas to achieve ideal lighting for your room

Looking for lighting ideas for a double or single bedroom? Keep reading the article.

LED lighting on the ceiling of your bedroom

The lighting in a bedroom has to be regular, homogeneous, without shadows and pleasant . Therefore, LED lighting for a room is usually the most recommended solution. This technology, in addition to standing out for its total customization , is key to energy and economic savings.
Therefore, there are many LED alternatives to illuminate a room. Without going any further, WiFi LED strips are a modern and very functional example. For both outdoors and indoors, they sync with other smart devices and work via voice commands.

Use an LED ceiling light as the main light point

And within LED lighting for a room, LED ceiling lights are a very popular option for bedrooms. And the ones we have at Garza can adjust their intensity and color temperature , through the remote control, the app or voice assistants.
Without a doubt, LED ceiling lights are an excellent lighting idea for any type of bedroom.

Smart bulbs to maximize your convenience and comfort

For their part, smart bulbs allow completely personalized lighting. While it is true that warm light is recommended for a bedroom, other activities are carried out in the rooms outside of rest. For example, young people often use their rooms to study as well. In this sense, a colder light is highly advisable, since it favors your concentration.

Vintage bulbs for warm lighting

Do you know all the advantages of vintage light bulbs ? Warm lighting is usually used in bedrooms, since it invites rest and relaxation . A uniform light, without shadows, but yes: it is not very powerful.

This type of bedroom lighting is perfect for watching movies, in case there is a television in the room.

In short, warm light is the best ambient light. An advice? Bet on an intelligent system that allows regulation to your liking.

Get lighting products for your bedroom

If you found these bedroom lighting ideas interesting, the time has come to implement them in your home. At Garza we have a wide variety of lighting systems for your smart bedroom , which in addition to comfort and peace, offer energy savings and efficiency.
Visit our home automation store now and opt for modern, quality lighting for your bedroom.