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Control infrarrojo WiFi

WiFi infrared control: Turn your traditional devices into smart ones

Get a smart home, but with traditional devices? Thanks to the WiFi infrared control you can make your house a smart house , and in an economical and simple way.

In the following article by Garza, we explain what smart infrared controllers are and their many advantages for your home.

What is a smart infrared controller?

WiFi infrared control has been a revolution for home automation. And this device allows the user to control from their smartphone and, through the WiFi connection, any type of device that works with an infrared remote control. In other words: the smartphone will function as a mobile remote control without infrared.

Televisions, switches, audiovisual players, blinds, air conditioners... all types of home appliances can be controlled by a WiFi infrared control or smart infrared controller.

Regarding its operation, the WiFi infrared control allows you to tune all the remote controls in the home , which work with infrared, to the mobile phone. Something that is very useful, since the same 'remote' will be used for all the devices in the house.
Likewise, this device has the option to program the on and off times, which can be done both inside and outside the home . On the other hand, it stands out for its ease of installation and for being a universal device : the brand or the operating system does not matter.

Advantages of using a WiFi infrared controller in your home

Do you know the advantages of using a smart infrared controller or WiFi infrared control? These are some of the main ones:

  • Universal home control: This type of universal remote control stands out for its versatility. They are compatible with different brands and types of devices, both iOS and Android and with voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Home, which makes a WiFi infrared control a very convenient item. In addition, the user has total control, even outside the home. From your smartphone, you can program the desired time slot to activate, for example, the air conditioning.
  • Energy savings: This is possibly one of the main advantages of its use: considerable energy savings, perfect for a sustainable lifestyle. There will be no waste of energy, nor will the production of electronic waste be reduced. A WiFi infrared control is a highly durable device.
  • Economic savings: Save on your electricity bill , thanks to the installation of a smart infrared controller. It will not only be beneficial for the Earth, but also for your pocket. And this gadget will allow us to activate and deactivate the devices in our home, as well as schedule their use.
  • Efficiency: A WiFi infrared control is a universal remote control, which translates into an efficient device. On the one hand, time is saved, since there is no need to change or search for multiple devices. And, on the other hand, it is not necessary to carry out maintenance or recharge multiple remote controls, so energy is saved.
  • Simple installation: Installing a WiFi infrared control is really simple, since it does not require wiring, additional costs or specific knowledge in home automation.
  • Personalized programming: WiFi infrared controllers offer completely personalized control, according to the user's needs or tastes.
  • Portability: As it is a small and light object, it is easy to transport and move around the different rooms in the home.
  • Price: Finally, despite being a universal control, the price of this product is affordable and accessible for any home.

Take your WiFi IR control to the next level by connecting it to a voice assistant

Did you know that the WiFi infrared control can also be connected to voice assistants ? Indeed, from now on, you will be able to turn on the television or lower the blinds using voice command , and without these being smart devices.

That is, in addition to your smartphone, you can control these home devices through voice control.

Products in your home that you can control and turn into smart ones

Turning off, turning on, programming by schedule, timing... these controllers are key to the action of all types of home appliances. Let's look at the most common ones.


Thanks to a WiFi infrared control, you can turn on the air conditioning before you get home . A great advantage during the hot months, since you will have your home cool and comfortable.

You can also program the hours of operation, thus avoiding energy waste.

Fans, heaters and other air conditioning systems

The same thing happens with other gadgets such as fans, heaters and other air conditioning systems. In winter, for example, you can heat your house before coming home from work or turn off the heating, even from bed .

Non-smart TVs

It is not necessary to have a smart TV to change channels from your mobile . Likewise, other actions such as lowering the volume or recording your favorite program are possible.


And the same thing happens with projectors: you can watch your favorite movie or series, controlled with your mobile!

Any other traditional products with infrared remote control

Automatic awnings, switches, Blu-ray players, blinds... these are more examples of traditional devices that you can control from your mobile phone or voice assistant.

Visit our Garza home automation online store now . Discover this model of WiFi infrared controller and turn your entire house into a smart home.