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What to consider when buying a wireless doorbell?

Doorbells have been part of our homes since we can remember, but even the most deep-rooted traditions are evolving. Back in the 90s, our doorbells began to work with radio frequency, and today they already do so through Wi-Fi . If you are thinking of upgrading your old doorbell for a more modern and functional one, a wireless doorbell may be the perfect solution.

Of course, there are many factors that you should take into account when making this purchase. In this post by Garza you will learn what the most important features of a wireless doorbell are.

Wireless doorbells, what do they consist of?

A wireless doorbell is a doorbell that works over Wi-Fi or radio frequencies. This means that it does not need, unlike a traditional doorbell, any physical cable to operate or travel distances in our homes.

Connected smart doorbells are much more than just door knockers. There are interactive ones, with LED screens, connected to alarm systems... These useful accessories have become essential elements for home security , and home automation surveillance systems are constantly evolving and improving.

Advantages of using a wireless doorbell over a traditional doorbell

So, what are the advantages of wireless doorbells for home over traditional doorbells? We tell you:

  • Its installation is simple . Since they do not require cables, the installation process for wireless doorbells is greatly simplified. You just need to mount the doorbell unit in the desired location and place the receiver somewhere inside your home where you can hear it. Forget about punching holes in walls or dealing with endless electrical wiring.
  • They are portable . Wireless home doorbell receivers are usually portable, meaning you can take them with you to different rooms in the house. Our portable wireless doorbell is suitable for very large or multi-story homes, as it allows you to hear the sound regardless of the distance.
  • They integrate with other smart devices . Today, many modern wireless doorbells can complement or integrate with other smart devices in your home, such as security systems or virtual assistants. This is the case with any wireless doorbell with a camera, which you can control and monitor from your phone or through a voice assistant.

Features to consider before buying a wireless doorbell

The factors to take into account when purchasing a wireless doorbell range from its power source or its range to other aspects such as the aesthetics, sound or security they provide to your home.


The most common thing is that the wireless doorbell button you choose works with batteries, although they can also do so by connecting to a power outlet.

But, thanks to the evolution of home automation, at Garza we can offer you a kinetic wireless doorbell , designed to work without batteries , since it obtains the electricity it needs from the movement itself when you press the button.


One of the most important features to consider before purchasing a wireless doorbell is its range, and the decision will fundamentally depend on the size of your property .

This range is called operating range and refers to the maximum distance at which the pushbutton and the receiver can be from each other while still communicating effectively.

If you have a large house or want to place the receiver far from the front door, you will need a doorbell with a longer range.


Many wireless doorbell models allow you to choose between different ringtones or melodies and adjust the volume . An especially useful factor for people with hearing problems or for those who need to silence the ringer at certain times of the day.

Surveillance Camera

As we have mentioned, wireless doorbells can be complemented with other smart security devices. This is the case, for example, of video surveillance cameras or Garza motion detectors . All together they will allow you to build a safer home.


If you are placing the wireless doorbell outside, it will have to withstand adverse weather conditions, such as rain, snow, or humidity . Thus, you must take into account its waterproofness and resistance to ensure that it will have a long useful life.

Do you live in a place with extreme weather? Then choose a wireless outdoor doorbell with a high waterproof rating that protects it from water and dust, such as IP56 .


A wireless doorbell with a careful design that adapts to the style of your home is a real plus, and is another factor that will determine your choice.

Get your wireless doorbell in our online store

At Garza, our online home automation store , you will find the wireless battery-powered doorbell you are looking for. Our articles are kinetic, with a range of up to 200 meters and very easy to install. In addition, our doorbells have more than 50 different melodies to choose from and various sound intensities .

They also have an LED indicator, silent mode, memory function and high waterproofness. And at Garza we have the purpose of providing you with the best technology at home to guarantee that it feels like a real home.