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Consejos para la iluminación exterior de tu jardín

Tips for outdoor lighting in your garden

A home with a garden or a large terrace sounds desirable for everyone, but it can be an extra concern for our daily housework. In addition to choosing the appropriate decoration to achieve a cozy atmosphere and taking into account possible adverse weather conditions, it is also necessary to think about the exterior lighting of the garden.

How to illuminate the garden so that your guests feel as comfortable outside as they do inside the house? As specialists in outdoor LED lighting , at Garza we have prepared this guide with some tips so that you can put this worry aside.

With the good weather comes the terrace and garden season

With the arrival of spring and summer, temperatures rise and everyone wants to go outside. At home, we are looking forward to taking advantage of that space that we usually abandon in winter : our terrace.

We not only want to enjoy it but also share it, and to get the most out of it we have to think about outdoor lighting.

Illuminate your garden or terrace to turn it into a unique room

Lighting the garden can become a headache if it is a considerable size space, although lighting a small terrace can also take time to achieve the atmosphere we are looking for.

These are some of the functions that outdoor lighting performs:

  • Generates environments . Good outdoor lighting in the garden will allow you to create the atmosphere you want, highlight elements and discover new visual dimensions.
  • Increases security . Thefts are much more common in properties that do not have proper exterior lighting, so it is a foolproof way to deter potential intruders.
  • It offers ease of use . In addition to using your terrace during the day, you can also do it at night.
  • Create accessibility . Good lighting facilitates and directs the movement of those passing through the garden.

Tips to illuminate your outdoor rooms

Pre-planning the exterior lighting of your terrace is essential, making it clear what elements and areas you want to illuminate, what your budget is and what you can find on the market.

We recommend that you find a balance between design and security , and that you take into account ambient, decorative and focused lighting. And take note of all these tips!

Use LED spotlights for the main light points

First of all, we advise you to opt for lighting with LED spotlights. In addition to giving life to your garden, terrace or balcony, this technology will allow you to save energy and gain comfort, aesthetics and safety .

Thus, you can illuminate passage areas, such as hallways, stairs and railings.

Our LED outdoor spotlights have a high protection index, which guarantees their resistance to harsh weather conditions.

Achieve a special atmosphere with the use of LED strips

Are you looking for lighting for your terrace with a careful design and capable of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere ? Our outdoor WiFi LED strips are an ideal option for this. This is wireless garden lighting that you can turn on from anywhere with a voice assistant or your smartphone, using the Garza App.

Whether to meditate, to spend a while comfortably reading a book, or to throw a party in your garden, LED strips will be your best allies, since they can create very different types of environments.

Shortage of outlets? Use power strips, extension cords or cable reels

If what worries you is the lack of sockets in your garden or terrace, you can help yourself, for example, with power strips. At Garza we have extension cords or cable reels with three and four sockets and up to 15 meters in length , so they are perfect for outdoor use.

Activate lighting with motion or presence detectors

To achieve extra convenience and comfort outside your home, you can install motion detectors . These devices are installed very easily and will allow you to illuminate each area only when necessary , which will mean significant savings on your electricity bill.

At Garza we have detectors of different types - infrared, microwave and twilight - and with detection angles ranging from 120º to 360º .

Schedule lighting according to the time of day

Save energy, reduce your bill, respect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. Can you think of any reason not to opt for smart lighting for your garden?

With home automation everything is an advantage, which is why our best advice when it comes to lighting the garden is, without a doubt, that you invest in smart plugs , with which you can connect, turn on and control your devices safely and with your own voice or phone. An opportunity to adapt them to your routines, the weather and every moment of the day.

Remember that at Garza we offer you a wide range of products designed to guarantee well-being in your home and also in your garden or terrace. Our goal is to help you create a home that is as smart as it is efficient.