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5 ideas para el uso de cámaras de seguridad

5 ideas for using security cameras

Home security has undergone a substantial change since new technologies have made it more accessible and economical to have a system of this type at home. Home automation security equipment, such as Wi-Fi surveillance cameras , allow you to control the environment remotely and at any time from the same mobile phone.

However, the advantages of security cameras transcend the field of home protection and offer other uses, in which they are excellent allies. In this article we will review 5 ideas so that you can take advantage of this equipment, beyond keeping your home safe.

What are smart security cameras for?

The main use of smart security cameras, as their name indicates, is to make an environment safe. They achieve this because their surveillance is constant, accessible and provides incontestable evidence, in the event that they have entered the house, by capturing the moment of the crime.

They are also useful for the deterrent effect caused by their mere presence, which makes criminals at least think twice before committing a crime. In addition, there are various types of smart cameras with different options that will adapt to the needs of each case. In fact, at Garza we already told you in an article which surveillance camera to buy based on its characteristics.

However, as mentioned above, these devices offer multiple options that go beyond security itself. These are some of them:

Main uses of WiFi surveillance cameras at home

Remote home and anytime monitoring

Keeping your home under surveillance from anywhere and at any time is the main virtue of smart security cameras. Thanks to their mobile application and the fact that they are connected to the Internet, these devices allow you to observe what is happening from the same smartphone screen, which is a great advantage that was almost unthinkable a few years ago.

Control children and pets

These Wi-Fi surveillance cameras are also great allies for monitoring children and pets in an accessible, direct and discreet way. Whether it is to monitor the room where the little ones sleep or, for example, if the dog is resting in its kennel on a rainy afternoon, these devices make it possible for you to check everything instantly.

Surveillance of difficult-to-access outdoor environments

In homes that have a large plot of land, which is difficult to control from home, these cameras give the possibility of reproducing what is happening in remote and sensitive places, such as entrances, for example.

Learn how a space has evolved over time

Having a fixed video point such as a security camera also allows you to record and follow the evolution of different elements over time. For example, the recordings saved from these devices provide the possibility of making, with a lot of patience, a 'time-lapse' with the growth of plants. The same can be applied to the changes that an environment has experienced in different seasons and many other options.

Monitoring of living beings

Another very particular use of this type of cameras is to monitor living beings. Entering video portals such as YouTube, it is not difficult to find several channels that allow you to follow live, with a streaming broadcast, the evolution of, for example, different birds from the privacy of their nest.

In this way, if you have noticed that an animal has its breeding or resting space in an identified place, always with discretion and respect, you will be able to see its behavior with one of these cameras.

Get a smart security camera for any of these uses

Although security is the main reason for purchasing a Wi-Fi camera, the ideas that we have just shown you are also very suggestive uses to get the most out of this equipment.

At Garza we offer you a wide range of smart home automation products that will adapt to your needs.