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tipos de cámaras de vigilancia o seguridad

What surveillance camera to buy? Main characteristics to value

Not all surveillance cameras are the same, nor are the needs that the installation of these devices may require the same. Therefore, when purchasing one of these devices It is highly recommended to look at its characteristics and uses what is going to be given to them.

Taking these parameters into account, it will be easier to find the most suitable option, which does not necessarily have to be the one that offers the most benefits or the most expensive, but rather the one that best suits the needs that they want to cover. Therefore, in this article we will focus on showing what are the main characteristics that must be considered when buying a surveillance camera.

Main features to consider in a security camera

A home is not the same as a business, nor is an open and spacious space the same as a closed one, or an inhabited apartment as an empty environment. Whether the place is sufficiently illuminated or not, how it will be powered, what type of connection it will need... These are just some of the possible scenarios and conditions to which the security system must adjust. And, since there are various types of surveillance camera , we will see their characteristics, starting with the connectivity .

types of surveillance cameras


Broadly speaking, two different groups of surveillance cameras can be found on the market, based on their connectivity. They are cameras with a connection to a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and the IP , which do not have cables, like the Wifi security cameras . In the first case, we are talking about a circuit that brings together one or several cameras, whose images can be viewed on a screen connected to them.

As for the second group, IP security cameras do not need wiring, since they connect to the Internet via Wifi, and They allow access from devices such as a computer , a mobile phone or a tablet that are simply connected to the internet.

The latter is a very convenient option, easier to install than a closed circuit and much more accessible. However, they are susceptible to being inhibited and, if the Internet does not work, they will also stop emitting the signal.

Resolution and image quality

Resolution and image quality are also an aspect that must be taken into account when wondering which surveillance camera to buy. Although technology has improved significantly over the years and there are already high and even ultra high definition cameras, it is advisable to think about what needs are going to be covered; That is, whether the images need to be of exceptional quality or not.

In fact, it must also be taken into account that a higher resolution implies, in general terms, more storage capacity and more bandwidth , in the case of IP cameras.

In that sense, it is also advisable to look at the compression codec of video they use, since a suitable one, such as H.264, can mean considerable savings in bandwidth and storage consumption.


Where the devices are going to be placed is also a matter of weight. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor space, with a lot or little light or if the viewing angle is correct are issues that must be resolved before purchasing the devices. For example, in outdoor spaces and with good natural lighting , a surveillance camera with solar panel It is an ideal option.

types of security cameras

Motion detection

Within the home automation security systems we can also find cameras that activate when motion is detected . This feature significantly reduces the use of available storage, as it will only record when movement triggers the camera to record.


What type of camera and how it gets the energy it will need is a question that will necessarily have to be resolved when installing a surveillance system.

That is, if we are going to use cameras that require a plug, we must take into account that near the place where they will be located there must be a light point or, if not, have enough cable to reach it. .

However, this is not the only option. As has already been seen, there are cameras that are powered by a solar panel , so that another power source will not be necessary in these cases. And, along the lines of avoiding cables, there are also devices that use batteries to get your energy. Finally, some cameras have both energy sources, both the solar panel and the batteries, which generally serve as a substitute for the panel in the absence of light.

Other features to take into account

Beyond the characteristics of the security cameras that we have just seen, there are others that are also of interest and that offer specific advantages. Are the possibility of recording audio and broadcasting it and that they can record optimally with little or no light .

Microphone and speaker

The surveillance cameras with microphone , in addition to recording the image, They will also capture sound of the location you are in. If they also incorporate a speaker, they will even allow you to communicate.

Night vision

Cameras with this feature they use infrared to 'see' when there is no light. Therefore, they are ideal for environments with low lighting, such as closed spaces, or in outdoor locations that do not have a nearby light source and that you want to monitor.