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Domotiza tu jardín o terraza

Home automation of your garden or terrace

With the arrival of spring and good weather, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to give life to your terrace or garden.

The Outside area of our home has become our center for entertainment, relaxation or simply to connect a little more with nature.

WiFi Smart Irrigation

Always happens. The heat is coming, the holidays and… your garden? A matter of life or death for your plants or grass. Well, from this very moment, our smart hydrant is going to become your essential. It's true that timers have been around for a long time, but now they are digital and can be connected to your smartphone. With our With the WiFi smart irrigation controller, you will avoid unnecessary flooding of your plants and better manage your home's water consumption.

That easy!

And, if he catches you on vacation, in just one click You can check whether it is on or off. You can make daily, weekly schedules, or even based on the weather conditions . For example, cancel scheduled watering if it rains, or activate a additional irrigation if the heat rises above a certain temperature. 

You can manage and program the water flow, schedule and duration of irrigation wherever you are.

Smart WiFi outdoor spotlight

The smart lighting It is, without a doubt, a very simple and effective way to enter the world of home automation . And, of course, smart lighting can also be used in our garden or terrace. And when the sun goes down on summer nights, it is very important to have the ideal lighting to accompany you.

There are a variety of possibilities: from spotlights to highlight the most special plants in your garden, to lighting to indicate the path and the terrace.

Our WiFi outdoor spotlight allows you to illuminate the outside of your home and adjust the different brightness and on/off intensities.

Smart outdoor camera with battery and solar panel

When it comes to securing our home, WIFI surveillance and security cameras are one of the first steps. Not only do they act as a deterrent as they are visible outside the home, but they also ensure that you can always have your home under surveillance.

Our smart camera with battery and solar panel allows you to have your home in your smartphone at all times. It also acts as motion detector , so if it detects any type of activity, it rings and you receive a message on your mobile.

If you are one of those who cannot miss anything and, furthermore, do not want to lose sight of your home, this is your essential.

Smart Security Kit

Most burglaries occur when no one is home. Monitor corners of our house synchronized with our smartphone It will allow us to sleep peacefully and ensure that the terrace or garden is a part safe of home.

Our Smart security kit improves the security of your home and those around you. And this kit has it all: an alarm device with WiFi technology that acts as a link between the rest of the devices, two sensors to control the opening of doors and windows and a motion sensor. This will allow you to control at all times if anyone tries to access the home so... no more worries!

To minimize the risk of unsafe situations occurring, a good alarm system outside your home is essential.

The Smart technology helps us take better care of our garden and terrace or facilitate certain routine tasks. It also helps us save energy and money , make our daily lives more comfortable, provide security and protection in our home and even make our home a much more fun place.

Given what we have seen... what are you waiting for to make the exterior of your house smart?