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Tips to illuminate your house at Christmas

Already entering the final stretch of November, we are all starting to think about the most magical time of the year. Meetings, gifts, family, friends, parties, abundant meals to say the least and, of course, Christmas lights everywhere . This is the most anticipated holiday of all and also, unfortunately, the least economical, and it is about to arrive!

Surely you've already started looking for Christmas lights for your home, right? And the most beautiful traditions should not be left aside, even less so if you have to be the host this time! But of course, we would all like to fill our home with Christmas lights without our pockets suffering so much...

As specialists in home lighting , at Garza we have prepared this new article in which we are going to give you a few ideas on how to decorate your house with Christmas lights and, at the same time, save on your electricity bill . If you are interested, you will have to continue reading.

Christmas lighting, a key element on these dates

Why has lighting become an essential part of Christmas? In many cultures, light has always been a symbol of hope, so it is no surprise that it is so ingrained in our Christmas traditions .

Furthermore, we celebrate Christmas in the middle of winter, when the days are shorter. Christmas lighting is a good way to counteract the darkness of this time of year and evoke the atmosphere of warmth and joy that any type of party deserves.

The custom of decorating the streets and shop windows of the city with lights at Christmas is, in fact, one of the most exciting moments of these dates: the switching on of the Christmas lights. Little by little, the tradition has also reached homes, where we spend a large part of the holidays with our loved ones.

Ideas to illuminate the interior of your home at Christmas

Luckily, thanks to technological advances, Christmas lights for your home are becoming more varied, accessible and efficient . Giving a special touch to your home is not difficult, but it takes a little inspiration.

“How to decorate my house with Christmas lights?” If you are asking yourself this question, take note of the ideas we propose below:

Create a welcoming entrance

First of all, start by welcoming your guests with good lighting in the hall that creates a feeling of comfort. For this, you can include simple decorations with warm lights or an LED strip above the hall furniture.

Light up your living room for Christmas meals

The living room is going to be one of the most visited rooms, keep this in mind when putting up the Christmas lights in your home! At dinners, it will be time to turn off the ceiling lamps and opt for other indirect lights to create a different atmosphere.

Also, don't forget the lighting of your table : you can add a light garland in the center, and thus you will avoid the risks that classic candles can pose.

Bet on originality in the lighting of your Christmas tree

The tree is the protagonist par excellence of the Christmas lights in your house, so, in addition to dressing it with the best decorations, always in one or two different shades, you will also have to illuminate it properly.

We recommend opting for a garland of warm LED lights to create a cozy and, above all, magical feeling.

Important: save costs when lighting your home

It is of little use to have many ideas for Christmas lights for your home if they are going to mean a significant increase in expenses on your electricity bill, something that you are surely looking forward to avoiding. Well, there is a solution with which you can save costs when lighting your home, and it is none other than home automation, a fundamental pillar of Garza.

Home automation lighting control means not having to rely on a manual switch to turn on the lights. On the contrary, you can manage it on or off from your own mobile phone or with your voice assistant, and schedule times according to the time of day or the hours you are going to be at home, for example.

Obviously, in addition to prolonging the useful life of your luminaires, this idea is also great to avoid having to assume so many costs in the January slope. One less problem!

Christmas lighting also outside your house

Are you interested in saving and illuminating your home at the same time? In our online home automation store we can help you with the Christmas lights in your house inside and also outside.

If you need to illuminate your terrace or garden , we have a wide range of products designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, dust or insects, such as our projectors, which also work with solar energy.

Products to control the Christmas lighting in your home

And if you liked the idea of ​​saving with the Christmas lights in your home, we advise you to take a look at two families of products:

  • Our WiFi bulbs , available in countless shades, which are very easily configured using your WiFi connection. You can synchronize them with other smart devices in our store, and manage them from your own mobile phone with the Garza app.
  • Our smart plugs , which will allow you to program any device that is connected also from your smartphone or your voice assistant.

Do you want to put up your Christmas lights at home and would you like to find high-quality items? At Garza we have the solution . Take a look through our catalog, you won't regret it!