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5 ideas to give home automation this Christmas

Are you one of those who always leave Christmas gifts until the last minute? Don't worry, with the hustle and bustle characteristic of the month of December, it is normal for this to happen to you. Just as it is completely normal that you are short of ideas! There are grateful people, others with whom it is impossible to get it right and others to whom we never know what to give because it seems that they already have everything.

If you need inspiration for these holidays, let us give you some advice: giving home automation items is always a wise option. In this article we are going to give you 5 home automation gift ideas that will not leave anyone indifferent. Write them all down!

This Christmas, surprise by giving home automation

Why do we think it's a good decision to give away home automation products? Well, it's clear: because in addition to being very original details that can surprise anyone, they are also very useful. We remind you of some of its advantages:

  • They improve our quality of life.
  • They increase security at home.
  • They allow us to save energy and commit to sustainability.
  • They encourage our adaptation to new technologies, current trends and innovation.

Tips when giving home automation as a gift

You already know that giving home automation for your home is a great idea, right? But the truth is that, among so many smart products, you could surely use a little help.

These are the 5 home automation gift ideas that we propose from Garza:

1. Smart plug

The first thing you need to know is that giving home automation products does not have to be a large investment. In fact, it can be an economical and very successful idea for your invisible friend, especially if you have one who likes technological gadgets.

Our proposal? Give him a smart plug , with it he will be able to control all the devices in his home remotely , from his smartphone! A practical detail that will also save energy in your home.

give away home automation

Garza's is perfect if your budget is less than 20 euros , and it is compatible with the Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants. It is very easily configured via WiFi, and is capable of programming the on and off of each device depending on the time or weather.

2. Smart security kit

The second of our home automation gift ideas is our smart security kit . Whoever receives this detail will be able to protect their home and breathe easy, because our pack includes:

  • A central unit with a siren of up to 120 decibels.
  • A motion sensor, with a detection angle of 110º.
  • A door and window opening sensor .
  • A remote control for your remote control , which offers the option to arm and disarm the alarm, also has the SOS function, for emergencies.

home automation christmas gifts The kit alarm has an internal lithium security battery, which lasts up to 8 hours and works even if there are power outages. If someone tries to disconnect it, it will ring thanks to its anti-tamper system.

In addition, it is an expandable kit, since you can add up to 24 detectors and 8 controls.

3. Smart products for the little ones in the house

Do you have to give a gift to someone who has small children at home? In that case, the Garza smart baby monitor security camera can be your salvation.

give away home automation products

What is certain is that it will be the most original gift that family can receive, and it can greatly improve their quality of life . Because? Well, because, for example, it even has built-in music, lullabies that calm the baby and stimulate its development.

If we add to this that it integrates a temperature sensor, a night lamp, night vision and a motion and sound detector, we are surely looking at one of the best home automation gifts we can think of for parents.

4. Smart thermostat

And, if you are going to give home automation as a gift, why not choose a smart wifi thermostat ? Its installation is really simple, and it is a practical and different detail.

gift home automation

The person who receives it will be able to connect it to their current boiler or change their analogue central heating thermostat for this wireless one. From your mobile you will control, program and create automations to regulate the temperature of your home , which will also reduce costs on your electricity bill.

But you will not only like its usefulness, you will surely also be satisfied with its aesthetics. And the temperature is indicated on a modern-looking LCD touch screen , which will match perfectly with the decoration of your home.

5. Solar projector

As a last idea for gifting home automation items, we suggest another option at a very good price: the Abora solar projector by Garza. It is ideal for your friends with a terrace or garden, since it withstands even the worst weather conditions!

give away home automation items

This projector has a solar panel with a twilight function, which means that it turns on when the sun goes down and turns off at dawn, automatically.

Of course, it is programmable and you can adjust the intensity of its brightness. In addition, it guarantees more than 50,000 hours of use , and can work up to 8 hours continuously.

Tips when giving home automation as a gift

Did you like our home automation gift proposals? Before making your choice, remember that you must evaluate some factors, for example:

  • The needs of the person who will receive the gift. Consider what aspect of your daily life could be improved with home automation. Do you need greater security at home, comfort, energy savings or do you simply like technological gadgets?
  • Your budget. As we have mentioned, the price of giving home automation products can vary greatly. Define your budget well before exploring the different options.
  • Ease of use and installation. There are devices that require more complex installation or technical knowledge. Better opt for products that are easy to install and use, like the ones we have proposed in this article.
  • Compatibility with your current ecosystem . If the person already has some smart devices at home, such as a voice assistant, make sure your gift is compatible with them.
  • Customer Service. Look for a trusted brand that offers quality customer service. How to be clear? Before purchasing, check the reviews and opinions of other users.

Remember that at Garza we are your online home automation store and we can help you with choosing your home automation gifts for this Christmas . Explore our catalog and, if you have questions or need advice, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are here to help you!