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subida del precio del kWh

Price per kWh on the rise How to save with our smart light bulbs?

KWh price on the rise; How to save using smart lighting?

There are many factors that influence the rise in the price of kWh , this is where a reconsideration of alternative sources of electricity takes place. And while the time comes to choose other more environmentally friendly options, you can consider using smart light bulbs, which are quite practical and economical.

Why has the price of kWh increased?

The price of a kWh in Spain skyrocketed a few months ago , and it is a phenomenon that affects electricity marketers and consumers. Given this reality, it is imperative to understand the reasons for its rise, while we consider other alternatives, such as smart light bulbs and solar panels.

The rise in prices is associated with different factors such as the rise in gas and other fuels, because they are markets that affect each other. And understanding this price dynamic requires analyzing supply and demand, which must be in balance, two fundamental factors that affect prices.

We already know how this “law” works: if demand increases and supply decreases, prices sometimes rise exaggeratedly. But if it happens that there is less demand and a higher supply, then prices lean downward.

According to recent statistics and news, the average price of electrical service is 95.5% more expensive than at this time in 2021.

Advice regarding the rise in the price of KWh

You already know some reasons for the increase in the price of kWh and the most important factors, now we invite you to practice some very simple tips. By implementing them, you will be able to take better care of your money, your pocket and your budget, avoiding incurring unforeseen expenses.

A true immediate option at hand is the smart bulb or lamp, you can control it with your voice or use it because it is quite energy-saving. The newest ones can be activated with the Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri applications, to turn them on and off, vary their brightness, modify colors and color temperature and even link their on and off with other smart devices, such as motion detectors or security cameras. security.

These lamps or bulbs do not require complex installation, they come with an application where you can configure each parameter as suits you best. Here we leave you a select variety of alternatives in lighting and smart bulbs:

Price per kWh on the rise

Products with which you can save on your electricity bill

WiFi LED Bulbs

Garza's standard Smart Led bulb works with integrated Wi-Fi to illuminate your home using your mobile device or Alexa or Google voice assistants. In addition, you can configure scenes and automations to create or modify the atmosphere of your home to your liking and save in the process by using the right energy for each moment.

LED strip

With the 3-meter-long smart Wifi LED light strip you can decorate and illuminate both the interior and exterior of your home. It can be folded and cut at the indicated cutting points to adapt it to any space in your house; Several strips can be grouped and controlled from the mobile application so that they work simultaneously. With 2100 lumens, it provides enough light for both decorative and functional purposes.

Outdoor LED spotlight – RGB + CTT

Smart Wifi Projector tone adjustment (warm/neutral/cold white and intermediate positions), RGB color (16 million colors) and intensity. It can be programmed on and off, countdown, and different scenarios (including “music” mode, light reaction to sounds). Ideal for livening up your parties, creating atmospheres even outdoors (for example, decorative garden lighting with different color tones) or for illuminating passageways, porches, shop windows, etc.

Waterproof LED Design spotlight - Cold light

Extra-flat LED projector to illuminate and decorate outdoor areas, with 50 W of power, 4750 lumens and 6000 K cold light. Anti-glare screen and high light intensity without flickering (free from flickering effect) that avoids visual effects harmful to health. Especially recommended for lighting patios, gardens, terraces, swimming pools, outdoor passageways or for industrial uses.