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tipos de detectores de humo

Types of smoke detectors

The main function of a smoke detector is to identify the presence of smoke to warn of a fire by producing an alarm signal. Something that, without a doubt, saves many lives throughout the year.

When choosing the device we want to install, we must take into account the types smoke detectors that exist, as well as their characteristics and how they work to decide which one best suits our needs. In this article, we explain what types of smoke detectors we can find.

Differences between traditional and smart smoke detectors

All smoke detectors consist of two basic parts : a sensor to detect smoke and an alarm that manages to alert people, generally, through a loud sound. So what differentiates traditional smoke detectors from smart ones? Let's analyze it.

Traditional smoke detectors

Smoke detectors are capable of identify if a fire is breaking out by detecting small particles in the air, which is what generates smoke, using different technologies. When they detect these particles above a certain threshold, they sound the alarm so that you and your family can get to safety.

However, sometimes a false alarm may occur, for example, if a lot of smoke is generated when cooking.

Smart smoke detectors

This class of smoke detectors have a series of advantages that allow us to have intelligent security for the home , with the corresponding peace of mind that this entails.

Unlike traditional ones, these types of smoke detectors They also allow carbon monoxide to be identified . In this sense, a CO detector Not only does it warn of early combustion, but it is also capable of identifying the presence of gas. But these models still have more to offer.

The main advantage of a smart detector is that it is linked to an alarm system that can connect to your smartphone.

If ever detects smoke or carbon monoxide , you will receive a notification, even when you are away, so you can notify the firefighters and save your house. Likewise, this class of smoke detectors not only connect wirelessly with other compatible smart alarms, they also allow the connection with an alarm center . Which means that, if you are away or on vacation, the firefighters will show up without the need for your mediation.

Unlike a classic smoke detector, which is activated every time toast is burned, this device reduces the number of false alarms . In fact, one of the most sophisticated features it presents is that can distinguish between kitchen fumes, shower steam and real fires .

types of smoke detectors

Types of smoke detectors

Next, we will examine the two most common types of smoke detectors in use today: photoelectric detectors and ionization detectors.

Ionic smoke detectors

They use ionized particles to identify the presence of smoke.

Ionic smoke detectors are especially sensitive to fumes containing small particles (from 0.01 to 0.4 microns), to the presence of rapidly growing fires and non-visible smoke , such as those generated in fast-burning fires caused by gasoline, alcohol, oils, plastics, chemical liquids, etc.

Ionic smoke detectors detect particles that are too small to influence light thanks to their operating system: the current is interrupted when the smoke enters the ionization chamber, as the smoke particles adhere to the ions and the neutralize That is when the alarm signal is issued.

Optical or photoelectric smoke detectors

A photoelectric smoke detector It works on the principle of light dispersion.

Inside the smoke detector is a light and a photo sensor placed at 90 degree angles to each other. In its normal state, the light shoots out in a straight line and does not reach the sensor. However, When smoke enters the chamber, the smoke particles scatter the light and a part of this It reaches the sensor, triggering the alarm .

In this regard, photoelectric smoke detectors They are better at detecting fires with a lot of smoke . For example, when a mattress burns or the fire occurs due to a short circuit.

Other types of fire detectors

Thermal smoke detectors

Is about fire detectors which register the rapid increase in ambient temperature, which causes them to come into action.

Thermal smoke detectors are activated by heat sources and report immediately in case of fire.

Radiation smoke detectors

Like the previous ones, radiation detectors are classified as fire detection systems. In this case, They are capable of detecting infrared or ultraviolet radiation produced by flames. through the optical filters they have.

If you are looking for a smoke detector for your home or business, at Garza we have a wide range of smoke detectors latest generation at affordable prices . Take a look and choose the one that best suits your needs.