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Ventajas de la domótica

Advantages and disadvantages of home automation

Before delving into the advantages and disadvantages of home automation, we must understand what the smart home technology .

Home automation houses are homes in which the owner with the push of a button , for example, a Smartphone or tablet, Controls all electronic devices and home security systems . From turning coffee makers on and off, ventilation and heating, to security and air conditioning: everything will remain under your control thanks to the help of smart technology.

Do you want to know a little more about the latest trends in smart home technology ? Next, we will tell you what the pros and cons of home automation .

Advantages of home automation

Time savings and comfort

Perhaps the greatest advantages that a home automation home offers are the convenience and time saving , as it allows you to turn on the lights, change the television channel or even open the garage door without having to stop what you are doing. At this point, the most advanced automation systems stand out, allowing us to control and program most of the facilities and equipment in our home both with our voice and with our Tablet or Smartphone while we are sitting comfortably on our couch.

advantages and disadvantages of home automation

Energy saving

He energy saving It is probably one of the biggest concerns in any home. When using home automation products you ensure that energy is not wasted, as machines, devices and appliances turn off immediately after use without the need for your intervention.

In addition, you will also be able to control the lighting in your house, which is where one of the highest energy costs occurs.


Thanks to smart home technology you can feel connected to the house 24 hours a day of the day. Even when you are not there, you can control your home from your smartphone or other device and perform any action you need, from lowering the blinds if it starts to rain to locking the doors and setting the alarms.


One of the benefits of having a home automation home is its Easy to use . Even if you are not a very tech-savvy person, you will be able to understand how they work without any difficulty.


He smart door locking and unlocking It is one of the most important aspects of home automation products . Have a smart home will reduce the risks from unwanted acts, will prevent theft and will guarantee your safety instantly, alerting the authorities if something were to happen.

Ideal for older people or people with reduced mobility

The smart home revolution is making life easier and doing things much more accessible, both the elderly and those with reduced mobility.

They can benefit from smart homes thanks to voice control of all your appliances and you won't have to get up every time you have to turn on the light or look for the remote to change the channel.

advantages and disadvantages of home automation

Disadvantages of home automation

High initial investment

One of the handicaps that a home automation home presents is the expense involved in the initial installation, since it is necessary implement systems compatible with new smart products.

However, what may seem like a high investment at first will turn into a great cost savings in the future .

High maintenance and repair costs

It is true that home automation homes do not usually present problems thanks to their design and efficiency innovations, however, if for any reason something fails, the cost of repair is usually a little higher. Because? In case a problem arises with the smart home system, you cannot simply call a “handyman” to repair the fault, but only the home automation professionals They will be the ones who can solve the problem.

Data transmission speed

A basic requirement to have a smart home is the Internet. Without a good Internet connection, you will not be able to control your home automation . Likewise, if the connection drops, you will temporarily be unable to access and operate the system.

We have seen many of the advantages and disadvantages that home automation homes present and, as you have seen, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. If you would like to enjoy a smart home and you don't know where to start, take a look at the home automation products that we offer at Garza.