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preinstalación domótica para el hogar

Home automation pre-installation: Why keep it in mind?

Already immersed in the 21st century, technology covers almost every facet of human reality. In this context, the home is no exception and the advantages of home automation They are increasingly known and used.

From the smart lighting to thermal comfort, that is, the Intelligent air conditioning , the solutions offered by this field are multiple and some already enjoy notable popularity. However, the concept of home automation pre-installation , the purpose of which is to conveniently prepare the home to include current and upcoming technological devices.

What does a home automation pre-installation consist of?

A home automation pre-installation will completely prepare the house to make it 100% intelligent. Since these types of projects may include wiring and other elements, it is best to carry out pre-installation when a reform is carried out In the home.

Pre-installation includes devices to transmit information through a network that manages a central unit . This entire system can operate with an architecture centralized, distributed or hybrid . The latter is a mix of the first two that, in addition to a central controller, has other decentralized ones.

Home automation pre-installation

Advantages of having a home automation pre-installation

The advantages of carrying out home automation pre-installation are several. First of all, allows you to leave everything ready to include from the first moment or, if you prefer, gradually, all those smart devices that are going to be part of the home.

In other words, it is the best entry door and most effective way to prepare a home for home automation and all the advantages that come with it. Energy savings , security, control, comfort … there are many virtues attached to this field and, given the advances of recent times, there will surely be more.

Types of pre-installations for home automation in your home

Broadly speaking, and attending to support that the installation will use to communicate, they can be distinguished between those that are wired, wireless and mixed, which combine both possibilities.

Home automation installation with wiring

The home automation installation with wiring It has the advantage of offering stability, thanks to the high data transfer rate offered by cables and avoiding any 'shadow' space that a wireless device may find. Within this field are installations with exclusive cable and those that use the wiring of other systems.

Wireless home automation installation

The Wireless home automation installation , as it indicates, does not use cables, since it transmits information through radio frequency devices. Its strong point is, therefore, that it is not necessary to carry out any intervention at home to place the cable. However, like any network, it is susceptible to interference and there are areas where the signal does not reach with the necessary intensity.

Mixed home automation installation

Lastly, there are also mixed home automation installations , which make use of both wiring and wireless technologies. Having the advantages of both types, they are very suitable for systems that manage a large amount of information.

Does home automation pre-installation greatly increase the cost of your renovation?

The range of prices for home automation pre-installation is broad and it will depend on the extent to which you want to equip your home with these technologies. In any case, an installation of this type It can be affordable , for a few thousand euros, and fully functional.

In addition, there are solutions to automate a home that do not require an installation of this type, like most home improvement products. Heron . At our home automation online store you can find technological solutions in smart connectivity and many other fields that will make your home a much more comfortable and efficient place.