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How does a smart switch work?

Wifi smart switches are useful devices to create a home automation home. They can be used to control lights, house or garage doors, electric blinds, etc.

Smart switches are increasingly popular with consumers for their versatility and affordable price .

In this article we analyze how a smart switch works , how they are connected and we will see what their many advantages are.

What is a smart switch?

A WiFi smart switch is a programmable wireless switch that offers the same functionality as a traditional switch and allows for lighting control and automation.

Smart switches can connect to a smart home system and also allow users to control their lights using a mobile app , voice assistant, or automated scheduling.

Let's see how a smart switch works.

operation of a smart switch

How a smart switch works

The operation of smart light switches comes down to one key concept: They connect to the home's Wi-Fi network , allowing them to be managed and controlled using mobile devices . This causes the switches to use the network connection to communicate with your smart bulbs or other smart hardware.

Plus, when you connect it to your home wireless network, you can turn the switch on and off remotely or via a voice assistant .

The bulbs do not need to be smart, but rather the lights need to be connected to the smart switch.

How do you connect a smart switch?

Depending on your home's electrical setup, the process of installing a smart switch can be more or less complicated in places, but most people with basic DIY skills are able to install it without problems .

Installing and configuring Wi-Fi switches is not complex, but you do need to have some familiarity with electrical equipment.

First, disassemble the old switch and connect the hot and neutral wires to the smart switch . Next, place the new relay inside the junction box and configure the device .

To achieve smart connectivity for your new switch, follow the instructions in the app and you will be able to connect the smart switch to your home Wi-Fi .

use of smart switches and operation

Benefits of using this type of switches

1. Top-notch comfort

One of the biggest advantages that smart lighting offers, thanks to the latest generation switches, is convenience. After all, who wouldn't prefer to control the lighting in their home from their smartphone instead of having to get up from the couch and flip the switches? Whether it's turning lights on and off or dimming them with a single click, it's now possible with a smart switch.

2. Programmable

Smart switches often include scheduling options , meaning you can set your lights to behave differently at different times of the day. Enjoy cozier, softer lighting at night, or have your light glow softly to help you wake up naturally in the morning.

3. Efficiency through home automation connection

Connecting a smart switch with a home automation home can usher in a new era of convenience thanks to automation .

You can, for example, use a smart switch together with a motion sensor to turn on the lights at the entrance, or use the switch to raise or lower the blinds or even start appliances such as the washing machine or dishwasher.

4. Savings

Another of the great advantages that a smart switch offers is the money savings that programming allows . This way you can ensure that the lights are not left on when they are not needed.

5. Elegance

Finally, smart switches look more elegant than conventional ones thanks to their design .

how to install smart switch

Types of smart switch

Today we can find different options for smart switches on the market.

Touch smart switch

These are switches that have a touch screen , thanks to which we can turn the lights on and off, as well as program them.

wifi smart switch

These are switches integrated into the home's electrical system and connected to the Wi-Fi network and different devices, such as smartphones or tablets , through which they can be controlled.

wifi relay

A WiFi relay, unlike a WiFi switch - which is installed on the wall - is not visible because it does not have an external part . Additionally, it is mounted inside a junction box, which is why they are called recessed WiFi switches .

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